Sprite Liquid Freedom Falling Away in Basketball Pool

Sprite’s TV ad, “Liquid Freedom”, featuring a basketball court that morphs into a swimming pool, has had viewers obsessing over the music used in the spot. The ad, launched in March 2005, was shortlisted at Cannes 2005. It continues to raise interest around the world as viewers search for a downloadable copy of the music. ‘Liquid Freedom’ tunes into the longing to be totally submerged often associated with thirst. The ad uses a sepia filter throughout, emphasizing the dryness of the basketball court.

Actors in Sprite Basketball Pool TV Ad

It’s a hot day in the city. Basketball players on an outside court drip with sweat. One player quaffs his bottle of Sprite. In the 45 second version, a player strips his shirt off and dives headfirst into the court – which turns out to be a swimming pool. In the 30 second version he runs towards a bouncing basketball, about to kick it like a soccer ball, and falls… into what turns out to be a swimming pool. One by one the players take their dives onto the court and into the water. Underwater shots show us swimming players discovering new energy. From below we see players slam dunking on the hoop above the surface. At the end a Sprite bottle is thrown onto the court/into the pool. It bobs on the surface with the text, “Freedom from Thirst”.

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The ad was created by advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather, Hong Kong, with creative directors Simon Handford, Sylvester Song and agency producer Michael Soo.

Director Josh Taft from Gang Films worked with producer Jean Villiers and Marcus Savage, director of photography Flavio Labiano. Offline Editor was Theirry Hoss. Gang Films host a 42 mb quicktime ‘making-of’ documentary’ showing the filming in Thailand.

Post production was carried out by Kira Carstensen from HSI Productions. Editing was provided by BUF Compagnie, Paris and Los Angeles.

Slam Dunk in Sprite Basketball TV Ad


There are at least two different soundtracks to the ad. Both begin with electric guitar effects that lead to the male vocalist’s lines.
1. Unclear lyrics that sound something like, “Now it’s here… woah. I’m not asleep…”
2. I’m falling away with you … I’ll see you through.

The music for the Sprite Liquid Freedom ad was created exclusively by staff at sound and music company Human Worldwide, New York. The music was not written or played by New Zealand band, Evermore, despite the attribution of a Limewire track to them. I stated earlier here that the music was performed by an unknown Australian band. People jumped to conclusions and assumed it was Evermore, even though Evermore are from New Zealand and not Australia.

Benjamin Pacheco wrote and recorded the music for the first track. Pacheco told Boards that he wrote and recorded the music at home. For more of Pacheco’s work see his band site Mus-OK and Mus-OK MySpace site. The track is now hosted at the Union Devoe MySpace site, named Counting Backwards, and can be downloaded there as an mp3 audio file.

The ‘Falling Away’ track was written by Lindsay Jehan, Hugh Wilson, Andy Bloch, and Morgan Visconti at Human Worldwide. The song was recorded at Human Worldwide’s studio by Hugh Wilson (vocals) and Lindsay Jehan (instruments), Australians living in New York at the time. Wilson is performing the full song at his live shows. Hugh Wilson has the track available to play on his MySpace site. Their band is shown here in an extended version of the Sprite ad.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Lyrics for Falling Away With You

I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you

We can’t always say
In the cool light of day what’s true

Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through

I thought we’d create
hearts in a sea of blue
We’d give and not take
I said I believed in you

But I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you
Time may heal your wounds
I’m seeing you through
Your eyes may fade from view
I’m seeing you through..

I’m torn at the seams
It pains me to breathe
You think you’re not needed
But I feel your pain
It’s alway the same
But let’s not feed it
Yet here in my soul
I want you to know
I’ll never leave

There’s nothing to say
No more charades for fools
I came here to stay
I’m falling away with you
I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you..

Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through
Your eyes may fade from view
I’ll see you through
Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through

I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you
I’m falling away

This 30 second music track is available on Limewire, wrongly attributed to Evermore. The 3:45 minute Sprite commercial soundtrack was available to download from Sprite Netherlands website, as a 3.44 mb mp3 track but it is not currently working. Thanks to Thijs for the tip in his comment below. It appears as though Coca Cola Netherlands have blown their bandwidth with the demand for the song.

Falling Away on German and Belgian Sprite Sites

TJ’s comment below for instructions on downloading the full mp3 track from www.sprite.de. Sprite Germany is running a music video competition using the Falling Away track and offers the original 3 minute track, along with remixes.

You can find 5 different Versions of “Falling away” in full length on Germany’s Sprite-Site

3. If you have a Coca-Cola-/Cokefridge-Account click on MATERIAL HERUNTERLADEN and login
4. If you don’t have an Account select JETZT REGISTRIEREN
5. Fill out the form an send it with ABSENDEN
6. Now select the Versions you want and click on >HERUNTERLADEN
You can choose from the Original, Go Disco, Chillout, ElektroPop and the Urban Beat versions (all 192 kBit/s).

EASY EASY EASY! Alternatively just go to www.sprite.be, click on TV Advertisement and download the music.

Freedom From Thirst

  • mike villanueva

    pls. snd me the guitar chords of this song. please anyone out there. thanks mikevillanueva2000@yahoo.com

  • Matt

    The name of the group is Evermore.

  • Matt I was in touch with the Evermore publicist who informed that they are not the people behind the song. I am in regular correspondence with Hugh Wilson who can provide plenty of proof that he in fact did write and perform the song.

  • tony


    go download it here,
    and request my page. i got the full song.

  • Kevin

    do they really fall into a swiming pool or is it just computer graphics?

  • Vince

    No, it is a basketball court that turns into a pool when someone drinks a Sprite

  • madia

    In greece we also had 2 years ago(now it has changed), the ad with the song “everybody does what everybody says…” I cannot find the song or at least the video anywhere! could anybody help me??!

  • Ryan

    why can’t i find this step for downloading the song from the german site???

  • John G

    here you go fools..i got it for yall..you can thank me later 🙂


  • thanks sven

    guys its here on.. http://www.sprite.be
    thks sven

  • jwong

    thx to acidicon’s suggestion i got all 4 versions! i can’t believe how old this commercial is and i feel like its just saturating tnt right now! (nba playoffs 2008). anyways, its like an scanvenger hunt for us non-german speakers/readers =P good luck!

  • Matt

    it’s writen by hugh wilson, look him up on myspace for the entire song. I’ve been searching for a while and i have just recently found it. Check it out.

  • Al

    The people who sing it are called

    Human Worldwide

  • Al, Human Worldwide is a sound and music company that provides music for advertisements and other forms of video. The company contracted Hugh Wilson and Benjamin Pacheco to write and perform the songs.

  • viktorija

    ten nezinau

  • foofightin

    The song is by hugh wilson and it has a full version. It can be found at his myspace.com page. Still dont know how to download it though:(

  • foofightin – follow the instructions in the post above – at sprite.de or sprite.be

  • lola

    thanx a lot pals, searching for this long time.
    to download from http://www.myspace.com/hughwilson
    use File2HD.com it´s 4.92mb, high quality file.

  • rebecca

    If you want to download the song, the French Sprite website offers an MP3. Thanks to a few years of high-school French, I was able to figure out that it’s within the “Menu” bubble, under “Qu’une Pub.”

  • jill

    the song is falling away by hugh wilson…found it on myspace and i looooove it…took me forever to find it…sooo happy i finally got it!

  • nicaaa

    this song is so .. LOVE it 🙂

    i just saw the commercial and i had to google the song :]

  • belinda

    could anyone tell me in which country, or countries this ad firstly broadcasted? Thanks.

  • ashish aryal

    hay there!!its to all who want this song badly
    im writing the steps ok!! to download this song
    == open http://www.file2hd.com
    == then a url text box appears.
    == type this http://www.myspace.com/hughwilson
    == and select audio just down to the text box.
    == click on GET FILES button.
    wait for the results
    == click on the last listed file of results
    and enjoy
    you better download with DAP. It helps if download is stoped some how.
    for more questions.
    IM me on yahoo its supercool_ashish@yahoo.com
    of email on ashishdada@gmail.com

  • marii


    i’m looking for the taBs of the song ‘falling-away’ …i couLd try to sound it out by my own, but i’m too lazy 😉

    so if anyone knows how to help me, pls contact me @ meister16@gmx.at!!

    heLiieB mercii

  • annonymus

    its called ‘Falling Away’ but i dont know where it is on iTunes… by various artists

    its an amazing song thoug

  • Annonymus

    This is a great song with some great beats. Can someone please email me a copy of it or tell me where I can get it. I tried all those links above but it didn’t help. My email is theshadow990@hotmail.com

  • annonymus

    hey so ive got the song, but i have a new challenge, does anyone have the guitar tabs/ know where to find them?

    i probably wont come back to check this site, sensing im going to forget, but if you have an answer, pleaasse email me at


  • Kim


  • Jokki Lokkinen

    Great song. Go to Benny Pacheco’s myspace page to download. He’s one of the brains behind it.

  • Jessie

    Although the article above says it’s not by the band Evermore, if you search limewire downloads, you will find the song there. Under band: Evermore, Song Title: Falling Away.

    It’s so good! Go download it now!

  • claire

    its by human worldwide

    search it on limewire

  • Adub

    Like a LOT of people have said on this post, but yet many seem to not understand.. there is not a full ver of this song, but around i have seen some people put the parts of this song (which is longer than the commercial)just repeating but it makes for a nice flowing song, check some out that people have made, they are pretty damn good.

  • Adub. With respect, there is a full version of the song, written and performed by Hugh Wilson and crew, released by Coca Cola. Where do you think the extra lyrics on this post come from?

  • Brindy

    So, I too am searching for the Sprite commercial song. I first saw it during the Olympics. I feel networking is a great way to find answers to questions. I also feel most of the questions people have posted were answered in the article alllll the way at the top of the page. Luckily, Duncan has taken over reiterating the info from the original post for everyone.

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    i need the guitar tabs..mail me: nir_helltears@hotmail.com

    Thanx 😀

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    i want to know the names of the actors!! the black guy is really cute!! i want to find him on myspace. post the actors names. http://www.myspace.com/jessicacbrowne

  • Chris

    It’s very simple to find and download. Follow this link:
    Then just click on “Der Sprite Song” in the bottom left. The first download is the full length original version of “Falling Away.”

  • weird… it didn’t post my link last time, but here it is

  • Elle

    Most of the people commenting are absolute retards looking for the song and rambling on about what you know and think you know.

    Read the blog entry first.

    Thank you retard and no, you cannot have your seven minutes back.

  • MarnieLovesEvermore

    why do they have the same band name as the Greatest band in the world in NZ called evermore and they took their name so they can be awesome


  • Marnie. Read the article. The band who did the song is not called Evermore.

  • Hey Great Video!

    I found this while researching my new sport Pool Basketball .

    I’m going to watch the making of video, i love seeing how they are made.


  • to help

    if you guys wanna here the full song go to Hugh Wilson’s music myspace page hes one of the people who wrote the song and is also the main vocals…there is a full song its not just a snippet i swear ive heard it and have it on my myspace


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    wooo!!!!!! i also luv da song

  • This clip just keeps going.

  • Hui

    HI I dont know where Ican get this song
    anybody here who know where I can get it

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    limewire…under artist search for hugh wilson.
    it comes right up 🙂

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