Sprite Liquid Freedom Falling Away in Basketball Pool

Sprite’s TV ad, “Liquid Freedom”, featuring a basketball court that morphs into a swimming pool, has had viewers obsessing over the music used in the spot. The ad, launched in March 2005, was shortlisted at Cannes 2005. It continues to raise interest around the world as viewers search for a downloadable copy of the music. ‘Liquid Freedom’ tunes into the longing to be totally submerged often associated with thirst. The ad uses a sepia filter throughout, emphasizing the dryness of the basketball court.

Actors in Sprite Basketball Pool TV Ad

It’s a hot day in the city. Basketball players on an outside court drip with sweat. One player quaffs his bottle of Sprite. In the 45 second version, a player strips his shirt off and dives headfirst into the court – which turns out to be a swimming pool. In the 30 second version he runs towards a bouncing basketball, about to kick it like a soccer ball, and falls… into what turns out to be a swimming pool. One by one the players take their dives onto the court and into the water. Underwater shots show us swimming players discovering new energy. From below we see players slam dunking on the hoop above the surface. At the end a Sprite bottle is thrown onto the court/into the pool. It bobs on the surface with the text, “Freedom from Thirst”.

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The ad was created by advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather, Hong Kong, with creative directors Simon Handford, Sylvester Song and agency producer Michael Soo.

Director Josh Taft from Gang Films worked with producer Jean Villiers and Marcus Savage, director of photography Flavio Labiano. Offline Editor was Theirry Hoss. Gang Films host a 42 mb quicktime ‘making-of’ documentary’ showing the filming in Thailand.

Post production was carried out by Kira Carstensen from HSI Productions. Editing was provided by BUF Compagnie, Paris and Los Angeles.

Slam Dunk in Sprite Basketball TV Ad


There are at least two different soundtracks to the ad. Both begin with electric guitar effects that lead to the male vocalist’s lines.
1. Unclear lyrics that sound something like, “Now it’s here… woah. I’m not asleep…”
2. I’m falling away with you … I’ll see you through.

The music for the Sprite Liquid Freedom ad was created exclusively by staff at sound and music company Human Worldwide, New York. The music was not written or played by New Zealand band, Evermore, despite the attribution of a Limewire track to them. I stated earlier here that the music was performed by an unknown Australian band. People jumped to conclusions and assumed it was Evermore, even though Evermore are from New Zealand and not Australia.

Benjamin Pacheco wrote and recorded the music for the first track. Pacheco told Boards that he wrote and recorded the music at home. For more of Pacheco’s work see his band site Mus-OK and Mus-OK MySpace site. The track is now hosted at the Union Devoe MySpace site, named Counting Backwards, and can be downloaded there as an mp3 audio file.

The ‘Falling Away’ track was written by Lindsay Jehan, Hugh Wilson, Andy Bloch, and Morgan Visconti at Human Worldwide. The song was recorded at Human Worldwide’s studio by Hugh Wilson (vocals) and Lindsay Jehan (instruments), Australians living in New York at the time. Wilson is performing the full song at his live shows. Hugh Wilson has the track available to play on his MySpace site. Their band is shown here in an extended version of the Sprite ad.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Lyrics for Falling Away With You

I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you

We can’t always say
In the cool light of day what’s true

Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through

I thought we’d create
hearts in a sea of blue
We’d give and not take
I said I believed in you

But I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you
Time may heal your wounds
I’m seeing you through
Your eyes may fade from view
I’m seeing you through..

I’m torn at the seams
It pains me to breathe
You think you’re not needed
But I feel your pain
It’s alway the same
But let’s not feed it
Yet here in my soul
I want you to know
I’ll never leave

There’s nothing to say
No more charades for fools
I came here to stay
I’m falling away with you
I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you..

Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through
Your eyes may fade from view
I’ll see you through
Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through

I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you
I’m falling away

This 30 second music track is available on Limewire, wrongly attributed to Evermore. The 3:45 minute Sprite commercial soundtrack was available to download from Sprite Netherlands website, as a 3.44 mb mp3 track but it is not currently working. Thanks to Thijs for the tip in his comment below. It appears as though Coca Cola Netherlands have blown their bandwidth with the demand for the song.

Falling Away on German and Belgian Sprite Sites

TJ’s comment below for instructions on downloading the full mp3 track from www.sprite.de. Sprite Germany is running a music video competition using the Falling Away track and offers the original 3 minute track, along with remixes.

You can find 5 different Versions of “Falling away” in full length on Germany’s Sprite-Site

3. If you have a Coca-Cola-/Cokefridge-Account click on MATERIAL HERUNTERLADEN and login
4. If you don’t have an Account select JETZT REGISTRIEREN
5. Fill out the form an send it with ABSENDEN
6. Now select the Versions you want and click on >HERUNTERLADEN
You can choose from the Original, Go Disco, Chillout, ElektroPop and the Urban Beat versions (all 192 kBit/s).

EASY EASY EASY! Alternatively just go to www.sprite.be, click on TV Advertisement and download the music.

Freedom From Thirst

  • qnrad

    hey u guys
    I don’t really what goes on. Look at this -> “The 3:45 minute Sprite commercial soundtrack is now available to download from Sprite Netherlands website, as a 3.44 mb mp3 track.”
    But there are nothing to download. And the link : http://www.sprite.nl/ FallingAway.mp3
    works only for 30 sek. :/
    Can somebody help us ??


  • qnrad

    If is’t unknown Australian band it must be Evermore coz they are from Australia! But in their albums isn’t any song “I’m falling away”. So I thing the coca-cola company payed them for this song, but they can’t give it to them albums. :/


  • Hello Konrad
    Thanks for your comments.
    I’ve tested the http://www.sprite.nl/FallingAway.mp3 link again and it seems to work for the full 3.45 minutes.
    Did you right click and “save link as”. Then open the mp3 in your media player.
    On the Sprite Netherlands site you have to wait for the shockwave flash animation to load. Then go to the Commercial link. There you click on “Download Song”. That gives you the Falling Away mp3 link again.

    Can anyone point to a source that links Evermore with the song?

  • qnrad

    And look at this

  • qnrad

    Please record that song at mp3 and send it at konrad_1234 @o2.pl :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  • oov

    we in croatia (just like that dude from serbia) have the version with that other song, and i like that song. like he said it begins with “Everybody does what everybody says, but all you really want is doing it your ways, so break on break on break on…

  • qnrad

    Thanks man !!! But I don’t know what does you mean in last clause….

    I’m on skype at konrad2326 ;]

  • qnrad

    But what about this song at Humanworldwide?

  • What I mean in the last clause is that there is no strong evidence that Evermore is the band that sings “Falling Away”.

  • Duncan II

    Does any1 know the name of the girl in Sprite Zero Ad and link for download the commercial. Thanx

  • sherif adel

    thank u dancun very much for replying my message. but iwant 2 ask u about 1 more thing.how can i download the commerical video(sprite basketball poll) please reply me again and i will be grateful.thank u sprite.bye!

  • To download the video or song on a PC computer, right click on the link, and save link, or save target as.

  • Ega

    I’m from croatia also and I really want to find our version of song cause it is much better, so if any1 have a clue about a song that goes:”Everybody does what everybody says, but all you really want is doing it your ways, so break on break on break on”!! just poste the name oif a song or a band

  • marija

    I`m from Serbia, and I have the whole song ” I`m falling away…with you” from site http://www.sprite.nl …but, our version of song is much better (everybody does what everybody says…etc)…i don`t know where to find it….

  • CyberJack

    Jebem vas ulava kako se zove ta jebena pesma.

    I am also from serbia and I WANT TO F***IN KNOW WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG that goes by words:

    “Everybody does what everybody says, but all you really want is doing it your ways, so break on break on break on…”

  • marija

    Well, I don`t know why is that song only in our sprite commercial,but I was looking everywhere and I couldn` find it…the song is great, but…

    P.S. Brate, jebena pesma izgleda ne postoji, nemam pojma vise gde da trazim…

  • I’m from Serbia, too(oops, from Spain,Marija…)…and, that song makes a lot of problems….ccc….Marija, don’t worry…Rafa is here…..to help….your house on Majorca is free, Ex Maria went. So, welcome….and, when you see me….Sprite problem will become so unimpotrant….see you, honey….

  • OdiN

    can anyone send me this song via messenger (EL_Checker @hotmail.com) or email EL_Checker @gmx.de cause it’s not working. i can download it, but it sounds horrible, like sth is wrong with the sythalizer or dunno T_T

  • McMahoniac

    This is a long shot, I know, but I am looking for a way to find a Sprite ad that was made (probably for Australia, but could be US too) way back in between 1988 and 1990.
    All I really know about it is that Julian McMahon was in it.
    While I’m at it, I’m also searching for ads from Pepsi and Coke from the same period (same actor). One of which was a guy in a car with a lot of girls. The other might be of a guy picking out his cooled jeans from an ice box marked “Coca Cola”.

  • Marschel Kaff

    I love this song and the spot!!!!!

    Thanks Coca Cola!!! 🙂

  • Aduku

    Do u know how much rubbish there is here?? do you people not know how to READ or USE GOOGLE???? This is just stupid. Normally i would just laugh and close the page after GOOGLING and DOWNLOADING the 3:45 version of this song that everybody loves but if you all did not know the link has been featured about 5 times just on this page! it just proves how many imbiciles try to use the net.

  • Edwin

    Nice posting Aduku.. Is there still no official release of this song? This is definitely not Evermore, way different music.

  • Rob the ‘vert


  • loco

    thanks for full song. I have spent sooo much time in search of this song but now it sounds like a disappointment because the full version sucks as compared to the 30 sec version. I still love small version with more music.

    full version sounds like an acoustic mix.

  • kiwilad

    apparently the song is by evermore, but it is not on either of their albums, and yes there is a full version floating around the net somewhere. if it is evermore, they have a song called its too late on the OC soundtrack, and have two albums out over here (New Zealand) and if you like these songs, then you will find them pretty dam good. keep an ear out for their main song ‘running’ off their newest album. So have a wee listen, and draw your own conclusions as to if it is them or not.

  • leticia

    Thanks, sprite. I love the song.

  • Fanny

    But the link for the full song on Sprite.nl just doesn’t work anymore? Or maybe there’s a problem with me? 😀


    Link is down. Any other places to get it from plz ?

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    The link doesn’t work anymore. If you have the full song, can you send it to me at jojohba @yhaoo.fr Thanks 🙂

  • MeGaMoRe

    i love this song and i’ve been looking for it for about a week but the link doesn’t work anymore…if anyone has the full length song, please e-mail it to megadown582497@yahoo.com thanks a lot!

  • nadouchka

    hey! could anyone send me please the song of evermore “falling away” even if it is just a short version 😀 I’d like to find the tablature of this song… or if somebody have it… just send me it! thanx
    supernana09@hotmail.fr (i’m french…)

  • Rockboy

    i’m also french i think you can find the guitartab in internet. Try with google. For the song maybe you can found it with a download program. I know its illegal but the song is not commercial so i think you can download it. Petit bjr du Pas de Calais 😉

    ps: pozdrav cela serbia. Ja sam srbski fransouz i zadovoljan sam da vidim da serbia jos postoje na svet kad vidim celo ujac tamo …(izvinite za greske) 😉

  • Greg

    Hey les gens !
    Comme tout plein de français je recherche la musique de la pub Sprite, si quelqu’un a des infos merci de les faire tourner sur mon blog : http://www.lefkeo-fr.com/blog
    Merci a vous 🙂

    Passer une bonne journée
    Good day all

  • nadouchka

    le truc c’est que j’ai déja cherché et je trouve pas 🙁 … and i don’t have “adsl” so i can’t download… pleaaaaaaase send me it 🙂

  • samsam

    Si ça peut vous aider, la chanson “falling away” est dispo sur YouTube; faut chercher Benjamin Pacheco, et non pas Evermore…Voilà bonne écoute lol 😉

  • marlou04

    Moi aussi j’suis fan de cette chanson ! Et après qlq recherche j’ai enfin trouvé ! Vous pouvez la trouver au nom du groupe Evermore, et ça marche ! Dommage que ça soit qu’une chanson commercial ! Me serait bien acheté l’album !
    Bizzz à tous !

  • kagome

    Juste pour dire:
    Marilou04, quand tu dis que t’a trouvé, ce serait pas mal aussi que tu dise COMMENT????
    parce que moi quand je tape Evermore, et ben gogol y me trouve pas le titre, de toutes les maniéres…
    Je te remercierait donc de bien vouloir expliciter ta démarche pour trouver.


  • nadouchka

    merciiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!

  • exhortae

    tape evermore falling away dans emule et tu la trouves

    et bien que je la trouvais bien avant, au final quand tu l’entends hors de la pub elle vaut vraiment rien cette song

  • Frederick

    You can download the 3:45 minute Sprite commercial soundtrack fron sendpace. Here is the link



  • Richard Gens

    Everybody is looking for the famous song from Sprite
    Thanks to Dj Pantin the song is at sendspace

    It sounds great 320 kbps download it while the link it’s alive,
    Good luck

  • Robert Smith

    Thanks for the link finally I got the Srite song mp3. God bless dj pantin for this.

  • John

    A year looking for this sprite song thanks to Dj Pantin for this great song.

  • Agne

    If you want to find the sprite sound track falling away just look it up in google searching for “Sprite” and “pantin” and you get the link from sendspace. I hope this helps. Good luck

  • kagome

    MERCI à toi exhortae
    THANK YOU Frederick
    Au final, c’est totalement vrai que c’est trop de la merde le milieu de la musique. ca a le don de te détruire le morale d’entendre pareil nullité.
    Heureusement, reste toujours le début et la fin.
    Je pense même peut etre la redecoupé pour n’avoir que le meilleur.
    Au fait le groupe evermore (le vrai) fait un peu près dans le même genre de musique, sauf que c’est 50 fois plus beau sur la longueur…

  • Man there’s so many…

    … complete idiots posting comments on this site – DO THEY NOT KNOW HOW TO READ.

    It’s not evermore, the main article even says it’s by Benjamin Pacheco. FFS there’s so many retards who don’t even bother to read it.

  • esteban

    Hey Guys guess what!!!! i have downloaded the song and it works excellent it is a 3:45 min track it was hard but i finally have it. i have it avaiable in a 8.65 mb file if anyone want it just send me and e-mail to serch-falcon@hotmail.com and i will send it to you

  • Here you find the whole sprite theme video and soundtrack

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    oh my god are you all retards?!?! why come to a site and post a question without reading the article?! all the answers to your questions are right here if youd just bother to read it. god it seems only stupid people are breeding these days.