Sprite Liquid Freedom Falling Away in Basketball Pool

Sprite’s TV ad, “Liquid Freedom”, featuring a basketball court that morphs into a swimming pool, has had viewers obsessing over the music used in the spot. The ad, launched in March 2005, was shortlisted at Cannes 2005. It continues to raise interest around the world as viewers search for a downloadable copy of the music. ‘Liquid Freedom’ tunes into the longing to be totally submerged often associated with thirst. The ad uses a sepia filter throughout, emphasizing the dryness of the basketball court.

Actors in Sprite Basketball Pool TV Ad

It’s a hot day in the city. Basketball players on an outside court drip with sweat. One player quaffs his bottle of Sprite. In the 45 second version, a player strips his shirt off and dives headfirst into the court – which turns out to be a swimming pool. In the 30 second version he runs towards a bouncing basketball, about to kick it like a soccer ball, and falls… into what turns out to be a swimming pool. One by one the players take their dives onto the court and into the water. Underwater shots show us swimming players discovering new energy. From below we see players slam dunking on the hoop above the surface. At the end a Sprite bottle is thrown onto the court/into the pool. It bobs on the surface with the text, “Freedom from Thirst”.

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The ad was created by advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather, Hong Kong, with creative directors Simon Handford, Sylvester Song and agency producer Michael Soo.

Director Josh Taft from Gang Films worked with producer Jean Villiers and Marcus Savage, director of photography Flavio Labiano. Offline Editor was Theirry Hoss. Gang Films host a 42 mb quicktime ‘making-of’ documentary’ showing the filming in Thailand.

Post production was carried out by Kira Carstensen from HSI Productions. Editing was provided by BUF Compagnie, Paris and Los Angeles.

Slam Dunk in Sprite Basketball TV Ad


There are at least two different soundtracks to the ad. Both begin with electric guitar effects that lead to the male vocalist’s lines.
1. Unclear lyrics that sound something like, “Now it’s here… woah. I’m not asleep…”
2. I’m falling away with you … I’ll see you through.

The music for the Sprite Liquid Freedom ad was created exclusively by staff at sound and music company Human Worldwide, New York. The music was not written or played by New Zealand band, Evermore, despite the attribution of a Limewire track to them. I stated earlier here that the music was performed by an unknown Australian band. People jumped to conclusions and assumed it was Evermore, even though Evermore are from New Zealand and not Australia.

Benjamin Pacheco wrote and recorded the music for the first track. Pacheco told Boards that he wrote and recorded the music at home. For more of Pacheco’s work see his band site Mus-OK and Mus-OK MySpace site. The track is now hosted at the Union Devoe MySpace site, named Counting Backwards, and can be downloaded there as an mp3 audio file.

The ‘Falling Away’ track was written by Lindsay Jehan, Hugh Wilson, Andy Bloch, and Morgan Visconti at Human Worldwide. The song was recorded at Human Worldwide’s studio by Hugh Wilson (vocals) and Lindsay Jehan (instruments), Australians living in New York at the time. Wilson is performing the full song at his live shows. Hugh Wilson has the track available to play on his MySpace site. Their band is shown here in an extended version of the Sprite ad.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Lyrics for Falling Away With You

I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you

We can’t always say
In the cool light of day what’s true

Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through

I thought we’d create
hearts in a sea of blue
We’d give and not take
I said I believed in you

But I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you
Time may heal your wounds
I’m seeing you through
Your eyes may fade from view
I’m seeing you through..

I’m torn at the seams
It pains me to breathe
You think you’re not needed
But I feel your pain
It’s alway the same
But let’s not feed it
Yet here in my soul
I want you to know
I’ll never leave

There’s nothing to say
No more charades for fools
I came here to stay
I’m falling away with you
I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you..

Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through
Your eyes may fade from view
I’ll see you through
Time may heal your wounds
I’ll see you through

I’m falling away
I’m falling away with you
I’m falling away

This 30 second music track is available on Limewire, wrongly attributed to Evermore. The 3:45 minute Sprite commercial soundtrack was available to download from Sprite Netherlands website, as a 3.44 mb mp3 track but it is not currently working. Thanks to Thijs for the tip in his comment below. It appears as though Coca Cola Netherlands have blown their bandwidth with the demand for the song.

Falling Away on German and Belgian Sprite Sites

TJ’s comment below for instructions on downloading the full mp3 track from www.sprite.de. Sprite Germany is running a music video competition using the Falling Away track and offers the original 3 minute track, along with remixes.

You can find 5 different Versions of “Falling away” in full length on Germany’s Sprite-Site

3. If you have a Coca-Cola-/Cokefridge-Account click on MATERIAL HERUNTERLADEN and login
4. If you don’t have an Account select JETZT REGISTRIEREN
5. Fill out the form an send it with ABSENDEN
6. Now select the Versions you want and click on >HERUNTERLADEN
You can choose from the Original, Go Disco, Chillout, ElektroPop and the Urban Beat versions (all 192 kBit/s).

EASY EASY EASY! Alternatively just go to www.sprite.be, click on TV Advertisement and download the music.

Freedom From Thirst

  • alan

    do u know the name of the song and the ones who sang it? cuz i’m really addicted to it

  • I learned from the making that this was shot entirely in Thailand and not in Australia as posted here

  • Anonymous

    i would also like to know the name of the song and who made wrote it. that song is excellent

  • Anonymous

    I live in the US, and Ive seen the Sprite Ice commercial numerous times. The hook of the song is “Im falling away… with you”. I would like to know the name of the band and if there is a full version of this song available. Thanks

  • anonymous

    The sprite commercial is a an excellent one but the song has stuck with me. I would like to know if there is a full version and if so, who is it by?

  • amy

    This article is referring to the Australian version of the Sprite ad.

    The song #4 post is referring to is from the American Sprite ad, a different song.

  • Dayna

    i wanna know tha song to…they play tha commercial at my work all tha time…i want that song yo!

  • Heriberto Netto

    The music was made only and only for the AD ! There is no full version folks ! The producers explain this on a lot of interviews !

  • Malis

    Well they should make a song of it, great marketing for them, they will have a huge hit!

  • rauf

    love the song… good work sprite.. ill drink sprite from now

  • Jesse Taylor

    i absolutely love this song, and like everybody else, im way curious as to who sings it and the name of the song

  • i want that song so bad “im fallin away..with you” its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iwantthatSONG!!!!

    plz someone find out that song and post it here its sooo cool!!!!!!!!!

  • Strongj

    I love the song, also! I wish they made a full length track.

  • da real

    so where’s the damn song? I want it too…

  • jack

    so does anyone know the band that plays the song?

  • tylersays

    if anyone knows for sure wha the song im fallin away with you is from please email me at giant1591@yahoo.com please and thank you

  • Marksays

    hey i reaaaaaaaaally love the song im falling away with you….anyone that knows any way i can get a full version or any information by who its by i would like an email on marcuscable@msn.com

  • Shruik

    Yea me too, if anyone finds out this information for sure please email me the info, IM DYING to get this song. I’ll keep searching as well and post back here if I find anything

    “Im falling away….with you” so freakin sweet

  • Justin

    i’ve looked EVERYWHERE!! i need this song!!


  • Captain Obvious

    Uh…hello people. Read the interview. Here, i’ve posted the part that talks about the song again for you.


    The music soundtrack was created exclusively for the ad by an unnamed Australian band for Human Worldwide, New York. Credit for the arrangement is given to Benjamin Pacheco.

    The song was created just for the ad. There is no song name. There is no band name. It’s needledrop music that was created for the production of the ad. It’s not evermore. Its not incubus. Its not magenta. Its not muse. Its not any band. In fact, its not even a complete song.

    Read and think about what you read instead of just glazing over stuff and acting like retards.

  • basant

    i ador that song, too…if every1 likes it so much then y dont they(whoever they are) make a complete version…it is too good to be left like that 🙁

  • Mici

    I have to agree with everyone, the song is unforgettable and it rocks, but at press releases, Sprite hasn’t even hinted that the song would ever be finished in fulll….too bad, that song is AMAZINGGG. Any more info e mail me at MiciMouth06@netscape.net …thanks

  • dave

    there are some people here that are saying this is a real song i kno the website says its exclusively made for the add but i dont think someone would make such a good sound and tease us for 30 seconds of it the sonf is out there but where the hell is it? im going on a hunt for it whos coming with me? lol give me the song!!! thanks

  • quest

    im with dave..lets go hunting for this song damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…we shall find what we are looking for.

  • Alex

    Yeh people, i’ve been searching for a really long time and nothing found about the music, im getting hopeless about find a full version, but this is really god damn cruel!!!!! how they can do that music without a full version!!!! aarrg!! maybe its a song from a uncommercial band and sprite bought the autor rights, maybe i will buy the author rites and make a full version!! LOL!!! please people keep searching about it, if we can organize a fight for the song… lets do it!!!!! cuz we really are getting crazy for it!!! 🙁

  • satyan

    does anyone else have a problem with the american version’s music being out of sync with the video? the loud part starts when the first guy jumps in, and it doesnt seem to be that way in the ad. any idea where a correct one is?

  • me03

    crap i really wanted that song i’ve looked everywhere for it and i’ve came 2 a lot of sites where they say it doesnt exist or was made exclusively for the commercial. this is probably true because most of the sites that say that look really official and crap. i’ve stopped lookin as much but i still havent given up yet! they really should release the song. its way too cool.

  • Pamela

    hey guys I found the song in limewire, but it’s only 29 seconds long. it is called “I’m falling away” by “evermore” as iii said before. I’m still looking for a longer version. I hope you can help me with it. bye

  • Fatima

    Poor Captain Obvious.

  • 1+1=3?

    I’m sure one of you on this site is part-time DJ…how about mixing the 29 secs with a few beats…do I smell club favorite???

  • I GOT IT!

    ok .. go to limewire and under the search type “sprite commerical” it should come up and download it. true it is only 29 seconds, but still so worth it

  • Pink Pretzel

    You guys seriously lol i no its kinda pathetic but i badly want dat song!! im fallin away 1…not de otha crappy 1…if any1 here leaves in australia…i seriously think dey should look up dis apparently small time band…n convince em 2 make a full version of de bloody song!!…it would b like totally awesome!!…n ill b 4eva grateful!…so 4 de love of god!! i want de friggin full version!!…its so unfair i keep singin de song…its just not right!!
    hehehe…i sound like a desperate f**k but i really love dat song…n am sort of a music addict…hehe
    peace out

  • Matt

    i figure ill just burn the 30 sec. segment about 40 times onto a cd and jam to it over and over again in my truck.. sounds like a plan for now…..

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    hi, i was just wondering, did any one know how to make the sprite basketball pool advertisement?, can anyone tell me? thank’s

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    This is sooo cool, here in the Netherlands they´re also goin crazy bout this song (I´ve been searching for it the last hour), and there´s the rumour goin round that it´ll be released in June….lets hope for it!!!

  • Ivan

    I’ve already taken that 30 secs and made it into my ringtone 🙂

  • I’m a DJ and I’d like to think I have the skills to mess with this and make it longer if someone can email me the short version (30 secs or whatever)… please email me the highest quality version djrukkus@gmail.com

    that song is ill and I need it myself… hopefully they do decide to drop it… of course that is if Sprite doesn’t have all the rights to it…

  • jj

    i wanna know the name of the band and title of the song im falling away with you
    on the commercial..4 sprite!!!
    if there isnt a full L song thatz WHACK!!!!!!
    it needs 2 be made…cause ill buy it…so yea if you kno any info plzplz hit me up incalsocal@ yahoo.com thank you i appreciate it bye!

  • MPEG
  • mae

    hi people – i’ve a question, have anybody the full song from Evermore – I’m falling away… with you ? This song is so nice…

    Please send me an email when you have the full version!

    thankz !

  • Katja

    I’m from germany …
    i saw the advertisement for sprite … I love that song “i’m falling away” …
    i loveee it… and i just found the soundtrack as it is on tv … but i want the full version … like everyone arround here i think *g
    if someone find it, plz email me!
    strawberry90 @gmx.de
    thank youuuuu

  • Claudia

    Hi! I’m from germany and i had found this song, but only in a version for 29 seconds. And the band who is playing this song called EVERMORE! They also produced a sonf for O. C. California!!

    Bye Bye Claudia

  • Bojan

    I’m from Serbia… And, there is a similar Sprite commercial overhere, but
    it’s not the same song.

    It goes “Everybody does what everybody says, but all you really want is doing it your ways, so break on break on break on…”

    Anyway, have you seen this version of the commercial? And, which song is it?

  • jessika

    hey u guys
    ive been searching for a long time i only found the 29 second version i really want the full version this sucks wy cldnt sprite publish a ful song? and put me out of my mysery ??!! if anyone found the full version plz plz plz send it to me at blackitten2200@ yahoo.com i really really want it im loosing my mind over it
    i hope some1 will find it thx thx so much

  • sherif adel

    send me the song(im falling ) of sprite basketball pool or i will realy die it is the best song i had ever heard or send me the adver.

  • Tatjana

    um.. along with the rest of the people who posted here… i’d like to know the name of the band that created the song for the commercial and if they have a complete version of it or if they plan to perhaps make one if one fails to exist…? its an excellent song. sprite and human worldwide… you did well.

  • Carla.knows.

    Okey folks!

    I sent an email to somebody to coca cola company about the song.
    And she gave me the horrible but truth fact that the song was only made for the commercial!
    Wake up people!

  • thijs

    hey folks
    i found the complete version of this great song on the dutch sprite website…
    you can find it here:
    http://www.sprite.nl/ FallingAway.mp3
    unfortunately i still don’t know the name of the band