Sony Playstation PSP Point of View

The Sony Playstation PSP was launched in television commercials back in March 2005. From their web site, Sony tell us that the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) “packs a powerful multimedia punch, enabling you to enjoy your favorite games, music, videos and photos instantly, anywhere. Factor in the PSP system’s brilliant high-resolution screen and cutting-edge wireless connectivity and Internet Browser – and you may just have a revolution in your hands.”

Sony Playstation PSP Roller Coaster Rider in TV Ad

Indeed this may be part of a revolution. Nintendo have had their GameBoy™ on the market for quite some time. But now with the development of a high resolution screen and the capacity for wireless internet connection, screen gaming has left the bedroom and entered the everyday public work and play places.

POV People

The first ad in the PSP campaign is called “POV People”. POV stands for “Point of View”. We start from the perspective of the PSP unit in its box being opened for the first time perhaps. We see the faces of people peering into the screen but we’re not given a clue why until we switch to the players’ point of view. Now we discover that executives, shoppers and roller coaster riders are playing with intent.

Click on the image below to play the POV People video.


The Point of View ad was developed at TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, by creative directors, Jerry Gentile, Doug Mukai, Brett Craig, agency producer Elizabeth Giersbrook, and assistant producer David Won.

Game on Sony Playstation PSP

Filming was shot by director Dave Meyers via @radical Media, with director of photography Nicolaj Bruel.

Editor Chris Davis works with Outpost Digital.

Visual effects were produced at Zoic Studios. Zoic created the look of the PSP screen as it looks out on the players with a subtle edge treatment and also added additional camera motion to the shots. They also created the transition from the PSP POV to the Player POV in the Flame using hand held moving footage. Finally they comped all the game screens and made tweaks to the end logo.


The second commercial spot in Sony’s initial PSP campaign, “Blender,” opens with a young guy walking down the street with a PSP in-hand. Suddenly he starts to morph into characters from his favorite games, movies and music. He becomes “Needles Kane” from the popular Twisted Metal franchise, a movie cowboy, a hockey player, an NBA star, a musician, all representative of the new ways consumers will be able to experience the immersive portable entertainment with PSP.

Click on the image below to play the Blender video.

The Blender ad was developed at TBWA/Chiat/Day by creatives Ben Nott and Jerry Gentile and agency producer Elizabeth Giersbrook.

Filming was shot by director Alain Gourrier via Tate USA, Los Angeles, with producer Jason Cohen and director of photography Jeff Cutter

Post Production was carried out by Digital Domain.

Franz Ferdinand

The soundtrack, “Take Me Out”, was provided for both “POV” and “Blender” by Scottish band, Franz Ferdinand. You can download the music from iTunes or buy the single from

Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out Single CD at Amazon.comThe up and coming PSP TV commercial is “The Icon”. An animated Sony icon that is unleashed by players of PSPs in a museum. The icon escapes to the streets to be played by pedestrians and users of public transport.

Click on the image below to play the Icon video.


The Icon ad was developed at TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Filming was shot by director Alex Rutterford and Chris Cunningham via Black Dog Films, RSA Films, with producer Diane Croll.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill. Editor was Jo Guest from Final Cut.