Silverscreen Film Directors

Silverscreen is another Australasian film production company, with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. I must say the TV ads listed on this group’s web site are stunning. The site lists the directors, their biographies, and quicktime reels. While you’re there, take a look at Oktobor Postproduction, the visual effects, animation, and post-production studio based in Auckland and Wellington. Here’s a sample of the work from Silverscreen’s Directors.

Silverscreen Splash

Armagan Ballantyne

My favourite is Steinlager’s “Lust for Life”. “Dance like no-one’s watching. Sing like no-one’s listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Work like you own the company. Live like there’s no tomorrow”. Classic.

Chris Benz

Favourite here would be the two British Paints ads – using a blender for green, and smashed flowers for yellow.

Peter Burger

Three favourites worth mentioning. There’s the DB Heaven ad featuring a WWII veteran, an All Black and some bearded guy judging whether NZ men have deserved their DB. There’s the Cash Converters Fence ad with a guy overcome with curiosity at the voices behind the fence chanting “thirteen, thirteen”. He looks through a hole in the fence, gets poked in the eye and the voices start with “fourteen fourteen”. And then there’s the Michael Hill Jeweller ad, “Fourteen“, featuring a girl waiting for her first ear piercing.

Rachel Davies

Least forgettable is the NZ Women’s Refuge exposure of domestic violence, not only on TV screens but in actual homes.

Kevin Denholm

Take a look at Fast Eddie, a with-it young consumer of Telecom’s mobile email. “It’s about the next generation”. And then there’s the commercials featuring well known Kiwis who struggle with mental health.

Geoff Dixon

The director of the classic Qantas “Still call Australia home” commercial.

Christopher Dudman

I’ve finally found the ad I was looking for years back… AMI Insurance’s Shower ad, in which a guy pulls back the shower curtain expecting to see his wife, only to discover his mother in law. There are some things you can’t insure against!

David Gaddie

For an Australian outback feel, check out the Jeep “Pit Stop” ad.

Gary John

“Tenderbake” in which ovens are put out on the street. A provocative attempt to promote eating out at KFC. I’m not convinced about the ethics of this mind you.

Keir McFarlane

For a NZ rugby game in the snow, look at Nike’s Rugby ad.

Miles Murphy

The Knock, a short film about a businessman’s psychological journey of self-discovery following an encounter with a young woman at his hotel door.

Nathan Price

I still remember seeing “Words that hurt” on TV, another Women’s Refuge spot. A woman’s face is bruised constantly by verbal assaults.

David Rittey

The director of TV2 dance ads, including Chinese and Tongans.

Tracey Rowe

LTSA’s shocking public service ad, “Vanishing Families”, in which families are decimated by traffic accidents.

Jim Rygiel

Work on Gollum and Rivendell in Lord of the Rings.

Robert Sarkies

Known for his film, Scarfies, but also TV adverts for Mainland Cheese.

Michael Spiccia

Music videos for Delta Goodrem and Killing Heidi.

Adam Stevens

Classic ads for L&P (Lemon & Paeroa) including Stubbies.

Adam Strange

A poignant twist at the end of a Xenical “Jumbo” ad.

Michael Wong

A well crafted ad for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, looking at the miracles made possible by medical research. Check out the halo formed by the theatre light above the surgeon’s head.


Silverscreen LogoThe Silverscreen company went into liquidation in 2007, first with the NZ operation, and then across the Tasman. See the story here.

Tracey Rowe, Adam Stevens, Sam Peacocke and Chris Dudman (and more recently Gaysorn Thavat) have formed Robber’s Dog, based in Auckland, with producers Mark Foster, Nikki Walker, Lee Thomson and Claris Harvey.

Dogboy has joined up with Marcus Lyall, Anto Skene, Richard Overall, Charles Williams and Nathaniel Kiwi to form The Pound, based in Melbourne, with producers Fiona McGregor and Kat Latour.

David Gaddie is represented by Partizan.

Keir McFarlane is working with producer Peter Grasse at Curious Film.

Kevin Denholm is working with producer Stephanie Bauer at Exposure in Auckland.

Miles Murphy and Michael Spiccia are working at Goodoil Films with Matt Murphy and Hamish Rothwell.

David Rittey is working with Alex Sutherland and Sima Uruale at Thick as Thieves in Auckland.

Eden Diebel is working with Film Construction.

Chris Benz is working with Amanda Jane, Edwin McGill and Sandra Sciberras at Brave Films.

Michael Wong is working with The Sweetshop.