Science World Kisses In Boardroom

Science World, a hands-on science centre offering entertaining and educational experiences to families in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has raised a few eyebrows with their humorous television commercial ‘Boardroom’, first screening on Canadian televisions in October 2004. The spot features a round of introductions at the beginning of a board room meeting. Instead of shaking hands, everyone is greeted with a full on kiss.

Boardroom Kisses Science World TV Ad

“Ah Ted. Perfect timing. You remember Annette?”
“Of course”.
A passionate kiss follows.
“And you must be Jeffries”.
Another kiss.
“Pleasure. This is Linda from accounting.”
Another kiss.
And another kiss from Annette.
“Ted. You old dog. How’s that golf game?”
The women kiss. The men kiss.
“So it doesn’t really seem like a Tuesday does it.”
Science World. We can explain.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Boardroom Kisses ad was developed by advertising agency Rethink by creative directors Ian Grais and Chris Staples, art director Rob Sweetman, writer Rob Tarry, account supervisor Nadine Wilson, and agency Producer Jacqueline Burgmann. Sweetman and Tarry read thousands and thousands of science stats to prepare for the campaign.

Boardroom was directed by Michael Downing at production house Radke Films. Downing has since moved his representation to Untitled.

Editor was Glen Wilson at JMB Post. Sound was designed by Colin Weinmaster at Wave Productions.

‘Boardroom’ has won a gold at The Bessies and a Bronze Lion at Cannes, a gold at The One Show, amd a bronze at the CLIO awards.