Renegade Films TV Ad Directors

Renegade Films is another Australian film production house. The company was formed in 1995 by brothers Joe and Ken Connor. Renegade has worked for Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Yellow Pages, Renault, ANZ, Ford, Mars, Vodafone, Nike, TAC Insurance, Cadbury, Mastercard, and many other prestigious clients in Australia and overseas. They’re based in Prahran, Victoria, Australia. The Renegade site features a current reel of sixteen downloadable television commercials, a page of four commercials made in the last two months, and an archive page with 98 (at last count) viewable commercials, listed with director, agency and producer details.

Stills from Renegade Spots

Aleksi Vellis

Nine videos including Lamasil’s Mirror ad – the one with the steam reminding you of your tinea between the toes.

Anthony Shannon

Holeproof’s Trump ad – featuring a hard-of-hearing Donald Trump getting stock advice from a man who just enjoys wearing his socks.

Chris Begley

Sixteen videos including Virgin Blue’s Mini Bar ad – the one with the thrifty traveller who replaces the bottle in the fridge with one from the liquor store.

David Parker

Eleven videos including Megamart’s Robot-focused Launch ad


33 videos including Sudafed’s Desperate Ad – which would make sense for anyone who’s ever had sinus problems. (Remember of course these make you drowsy and unsafe to drive).

Ellery Ryan

Six videos including two ads for Transport Accident Commission (TAC). If you drink and then drive you’re a bloody idiot. “Stop yourself here” is the most positive of the series, providing model behaviour.

Hayley Cloake

Five videos including two “Everywoman craves” Jarrah’s ads

Keri Light

Nine videos including TAC’s Mockingbirds ad

Tony Rogers

Eight videos including Heinz’ shocking Imperial Garden ad featuring a ‘Chinese takeaways’ customer knocked over by a bus. It’s much safer to eat Chinese food at home!

Producers are Joe & Ken Connor, Richard Hearman and Fiona McGregor.