Radical Media Australian TV Ad Directors

Sometimes the best place to track down advertising art is to take a look at the Director’s Reel. &Radical.Media is an award winning production company with full offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin and Sydney. At their site, after entering through the ‘flash’ doorway, you’ll find a choice of directors or photography. Click on photography and you’ll find a list of their offices. Click on there and you’ll find the directors associated with each office. Click on the director and you’ll be taken to a new window with four or five quicktime videos to load and play. The first one is the reel – with the other three or four collated into one file. Below is a list of the directors from Sydney with their featured television commercials.

Radical Media site 2005

Radical Media Directors Reels on site 2005

Reels of Australian Directors

Vikki Blanche

(was once an actor in Neighbours & Flying Doctors)
Toyota Echo: Phone Call
Cottons: Sympathy Pains
Heinz: Big Red

The Glue Society

Virgin Mobile: Ming Mong
Grainwaves: Street
Wizard Home Loans: Mortgage Beast Camp
Burger King: Chicken Fight

Jeff Darling

Jaguar: Wicked Game
Chivas: Tiger’s Tale
Schweppes: Bikini

Bruce Hunt

Toyota: Snake Bite
Visa: Monster Chase
TAC (Transport Accidents Commission): Slo Mo

Nick Robertson

Mountain Dew: Rodeo
Foxtel: Mr Chuckles
VW Passat: Z Elements
Energizer: Batter Up

Derin Seale

Holden Monaro: Game Over
National Bank (NZ): Brand
Mirinda: Pirates

Patrick Hughes

Triple J: Politician
Sony Playstation: Dog’s Life
Jeans West: Adjustment