Pork the Other White Meat to Beat The Blahs

The National Pork Board (of the USA) has launched two TV adverts in its campaign to promote “The Other White Meat”. “Help beat the blahs with a bit of fun! Discover The Other White Meat in the spotlight and the latest exploits of Pork Loin and Miss Apricot with the new TV and radio commercials and online fun. Brush up on some pork trivia and surprise friends and family with your shocking knowledge at the dinner table. Show your love of pork by sharing The Other White Meat with other pork aficionados with a free e-postcard. But whatever you do — Don’t be blah.” On their campaign web site the Funstufff section appeals to all funloving pork lover.

Pork and Apricot by fireplace

In “Destiny on the High Sea” Captain Pork Cutlet and his mate Ginger collide with an Iceberg Lettuce. But all is not lost. Ginger Pork Salad is the delicious outcome – a combination that was destined to be together.

In “Forbidden Love” Pork Loin climbs up into the room of Miss Apricot. They declare their love for one another, only be apprehended by Chicken Breast. They jump into the fire to become Apricot-Glazed Pork Chops, a ‘mouth-watering match… that’s certain to enliven up your dinner meal.”

Corny? Yes but it certainly gets the family talking about pork for dinner tomorrow.

The Other White Meat


The campaign was run by Dallas agency The Richards Group by creative director Glenn Dady, copywriter David Morring, art director Dean Oram, agency producer Alison Wagner and account supervisor Travis Hopper working with The National Pork Board marketing director Jeff Hartz.

Animation was produced at Brand New School by director Ben Go with creative director Jonathan Notaro, producer Rachel Kaminek, executive producer Kevin Batten, animators Helder Sun, Adam Greene, Sang-Hoon Lee, Andy Kim and Dixon Chow, Flame artist Alan Lattiera, animation designer Max Erdenberger and photographer Ian Brook.

Sound was produced at Lime Studios. Music was produced at Wojahn Brothers.