Philadelphia Angels Eat Cream Cheese

Philadelphia cream cheese brings “a little taste of heaven”. That’s the television advertising campaign slogan used around the world. Philadelphia cream cheese was first distributed in New York in 1880, eight years after a Chester NY dairyman had developed the cheese made of cream as well as whole milk. The name “Philadelphia” was applied to provide a link to the quality products that came from that city. It’s now sold by Kraft in approximately ninety countries.

JWT (J Walter Thompson), the advertising agency associated with Kraft since 1922, commissioned local production companies and directors to develop context-related television commercial.

In 1994 JWT launched a campaign in Canada featuring angels who humorously find ways to make ‘Philly’ part of their angelic lives. “When it’s Philadelphia, it’s Heaven”. There were five spots between 1994 and 1997: Heaven, Crumbs, Empty, Midnight and Cloud. Mike Collins of JWT tells the story in his 1997 paper to the Kraft’s Food Fun page that features streamed TV ads from Canada, UK and Brazil.

The German campaign is featured at a micro site, with a 2 mb mpeg video showing a male angel and female angel discovering the beauties of teamwork in the high-tech heavenly kitchen.

In the United Kingdom the 1999 ads featured Caroline Quentin from the UK television sitcom, Men Behaving Badly. In 2002 two sassy and street-wise angels, Danni and Bev, were introduced. This year a new campaign has a new host of angels with new ‘heavenly recipes’. Kraft UK gives an overview of Philadelphia television advertising on their site but doesn’t include actual video clips.

Method Studios provided the visual effects for the 2002 USA spot, “Missing Angel” and kindly include a quicktime copy of the video clip on their site. Two African American angels sing, “Heaven, must be missing Angel”. “Where the heaven is that girl?”, asks one. Of course she’s filling her face with a bagel with cream cheese.


The Missing Angel ad was directed by Liz Friedlander of DNA Los Angeles, with director of photography Welles Hackett. Editing was done at Avenue Edit and Telecine at Company 3.

Check out the LoveMyPhilly YouTube channel for more up to date ads…

  • Amanda

    Is Nicole Ritchie the “new” angel in the latest Canadian Philidelphia Cream Cheese Commercial. This one features the well known angel exiting a meeting which ran overtime, just in time for lunch with her assistant. As she and her assistant dine, a new angel walks past that they both comment on. She looks remarkably like Nicole Ritchie.


  • dan

    what is the name of the brunette with the big blue eyes in the american commercials?

  • natasha

    Erin Foley is the brunette. She’s a stand-up comedian.

  • Lorie Nielsen

    Well I have to say that your original adorable angel (with Albert her houseboy or whatever he is) has gotten fatter every year that she has been munging on cream cheese, and this latest commercial only features her chubby little cute face. Maybe she is pregnant, who knows….however, it doesn’t bode well for people trying not to get fatter. So what’s THAT all about?? Lorie Nielsen

  • jessica searcy

    I have not seen any cream cheese angels that are african american. are there any? or is heaven just for white women?

  • must be Mormon heaven *their fact * the lighter your skin color ,the more righteous you were in the pre-life. if you have the palest of the pale skin then that means you had successfully been living the Mormon way and are ready for paradise. i don’t if you get unlimited re-in-cars but know you if want to get to heaven fast but have the unholy melanin (there is no sun in heaven. It’s lit by safe fuel efficient God rays ) you can get the “rush deal” and be a servant in heaven. Tacitly they don’t advertise this cannon much anymore sense they accepted the Brazilian members and their money into the fold. but i think it they realized the indoor look was out of fashion and that tans were in. news takes awhile to get to salt lake. who is that new blond angel? the one with the big face and eyes. the best angel so far

  • The USA ‘Missing Angel’ spot features three women, two of whom are African American.

  • Tony

    I like these commericals. What’s the name of the brunette in the commercials that are being shown nowadays?

  • Henry Bowers

    Who is the blonde in the newest commercial? The cream cheese and fruit spread commercial? She’s soooooo hot.

  • Steve

    I’m curious as to who the blonde is as well. VERY cute.

  • Steve

    who is the actor who plays the houseboy in the commerical?

  • Dusty

    the blonde is Kaley Cuoco from 8 simple rules if i’m not mistaken.

  • Steve

    Yup… you’re mistaken.

  • Jeff

    I think Erin Foley (the brunette) is really cute in an odd, non-conventional sort of way. Super expressive eyebrows and lips.

  • Who is the new angel in the “those can’t be real” commercial! Everyone is telling me that she looks exactly like me which defeats the purpose since i never see her face on TV. The ironic part is that “Amanda” says she looks like nicole richie and people say i resemble nicole too!.

  • Brian

    I find this “blond joke” to the max commercial to be the best so far this century. I smile every time I hear “I wonder how they did it” and see the reaction.

    And YES Jess, heaven is only for white women … didn’t you get the memo? No men allowed either…

  • natasha

    Thank you Brian. Erin and I are coming to Toronto to film two more spots for the american angels ads. I hope no one thinks I’m geeky for responding to my own ad but I was looking online for a mention of a chili cheese dip ad we did that hasn’t aired yet and I was hoping that it had and someone saw it. Oh and thank you Henry for the compliment. By the way, I’m the blond angel, Natasha Price and I’m a comedian in New York.

    • Steve

      Hello Natasha. I have to say that you are the funnest Angel in the commercial where you ask…”where are my shoes, my wings…duh.

      Do you have a fan club or web site?

      Thanks. Steve in Indiana

  • connie

    In the newest commercial one angel asked the other if she had read the book. WHat book are they referring to? I got the impression it is the Bible. I hope not because it would offend a great number of Christians who purchase your products. If it is the Bible, it would probably be wise to discontinue airing it. Thank you

  • Charlie NY

    Natasha, You are truly an Angel.

  • D

    erin foley is hotttt does she have movies that i can buy

  • Christopher

    Connie, maybe you should pay attention to the commercial. One angel talks to the other angel about reading a book for book club. Last time I checked Oprah didn’t have the bible on her list for bookclub, maybe you should take that up with her and leave these commecials alone. You clearly have a lot of time on your hands. Get off your bible thumping high horse.

  • Lindsay

    The blonde in the “those can’t be real” is a Canadian actress named Laura Vandervoort.

  • Pat Freeman

    i just wanted to comment on your pcc commercial, and to say I am a Born Again Christian who finds your commercials very offensive. It is neither entertaining or humerous, but blasphemous to the Word of God. I will not purchase these products as long as you run these discusting commercials.

  • Christopher

    Pat, perhaps instead of having too much time on your hands being ridiculous over a 30 second advertisement you should pick up a dictionary. It’s D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G, learn to spell, in the Word of God, learn to spell.

  • Shane

    The angel sharing her Kraft Philadelphia Cheese gushes
    that it only has 60% the fat of butter or margarine.
    That may be true, and so you can rely on such figures
    if you spread the Philly on just as you would butter.

    But of course, angels never spread their Philly as thin
    as that:) In the ad there must be anything up to 500%
    more Philly on the bread, compared to what most people
    who are watching their weight would spread in butter,
    so that could amount to 300% more fat than they expect.

    Jeez, do you think Kraft are aware that they might be
    misleading their customers? NO, they wouldn’t use
    angels to mislead people… would they?

  • Brian


    Glad to see you and Erin back in the new cheesecake ad.
    You go girls!

  • Hannah Brown

    Is a mother allowed to comment on her daughter, the angel? Natasha is beautiful and talented…I’m very proud of her.
    Hannah Brown, Salt Spring Island, BC

  • Steve

    Hi Natasha!

    I just wanted to say that you’re beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing you in more ads. You have a fan in Casper, Wyoming. 🙂

  • Just observed the most recent (“lunch”) spot.
    The 2 new girls lack spark and natural interaction … now it’s just another boring commercial.

  • Brian

    The originals are back … the interaction is back.
    I have my Philly in the fridge again!!!

    Usually, a try at keeping it great wanes after a while, but this is now more like a long-time soap opera.
    Keep up the ditzy shorts!

  • bydoing

    Who plays Albert in the Canadian commercials? I just luv that character…hope to see more of him.

  • Bill

    ” Hellish?” I think that best describes your commercial. I have no idea who thought that one up for you, perhaps he used to work for Coke a Cola.

  • Brian


    I want my angels back!!!

  • christopher

    I know both of the angels for the american spots. To let Bill know, “Hellish” was added after all the born agains were opposed to the original “hell” line, you’re in a small percentage my friend, a lot of people liked the spots and Kraft is responsible for the writing not the actors, the cheesecake spot is still running (just to let Brian know) Both girls have been the angels for going on three years but if they replace them, both are good enough actresses to get more work and actually have been. They both liked doing the spots and if you want them back, write to Kraft. They actually listen to that stuff but in all seriousness, not just cause I know them, they are both talented actresses and you haven’t seen the last of them yet!

  • woozo

    Who is the latest angel actress making sexual advances towards “Albert” the houseboy. I like my philly cream cheese,,,,,,,but am so glad I have a PVR to blast by this stupid woman’s gesture. To imply life after death is being an overweight aging female hopin to get pleasured by Albert is ,,,,,,,,,,,yup,,,,discusting,,,,spell it as you will. Something about this commercial screams “so stupid”, like the feeling you get when you come upon a soap show with grade b actors who simply cannot act. Please, come to an end!

  • Dianne

    Hi I love the angels on the philly comercials. But please WHO is Albert?? My daughter thinks they have changed him in the new adds being shone now.. where Albert is cooking a pasta dish with cream cheese. I think it’s the same guy. Who’s right? and who is he??

  • simon young

    It is the same angel. He is a Canadian actor named David Nerman.

  • Brian

    AGAIN … I want my original girls back!

    A ditz and the surprised straight face works!

    BTW, I have noticed my consumption of Philly Cheese is less since the new losers.

  • francine

    I was just looking for a pic of the angel actor and happen to read some comments. OMG !!! You people are soooooooooooo angry…..hahahaha. Thank god for sexy angels.

  • Ivette Benavides Rojas

    Hi! I`m a Philadelphia angel in a tv comercial in Mexico. I want the copy for my resume. WHere can I found it? My Tv Commercial is called: “Enchiladas divinas” Can you help me.? My name is Ivette Benavides. Thanks

  • samjack

    you ignorant fool,before you put anything down on paper ,check your facts!Mormons (Latter Day Saints ) love all their brothers and sisters ,a quality you have shown you dont have yourself! I hope that you have the guts to learn that in fact the Curch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints actually have a huge number of “different coloured skined people” who are treated with the love and respect that they deserve ,please retract your uninformed statement ,learn .if you would like i will tech you

  • samjack

    my above comment was directed only at CHAZ SAL ,i apologise but i was just trying to find out what the angels are actualy saying in the Australian Commercial ,it is imposible to understand what the dark haired angel is saying in one part (sounds like trash he makes?)? When i cam across that rediculous , uninformed comment Can anyone help? TIA SAM

  • april roberts

    where can i buy a set of the wings you use in the commercials? thanks!!

  • Aly

    she says Trashy Magzs

  • Sexyfireguy

    So in the Canadian commercials, the main angel (Linda Kash), is talking to her assistant and the other angel (Laura Vandervoort) walks by and they both say, “they can’t be real”. My question is, what is the name of the actress that plays the assistant?? She is in a few other commercials as well.

  • Paul D. Jensen

    I was wondering if Stephanie Courtney was ever one of the angels eating a bagel with the cream cheese on the top?

  • Cindie

    Help! Does anyone have a clip of Albert the manservant Angel flirting with his angel friend… who says, “I get to spend more time cooking, [a pause] and see more of Albert.”

    She looks just a wee bit naughty at the camera, while Albert crosses his arms and looks slightly in her direction, slightly toward the camera. That small, knowing smile says it all.

    I want this commercial please!!!! Can anyone help me! Appreciated…

  • David

    To Francine who wrote back in Feb 08…if you never found a picture, let me know and I will send you one…I play Albert and would gladly sign one for you…

  • Schauerte

    Angels have flown the coop……
    I'll miss the quips.

  • Kevin

    Does Albert in the Canadian commercials have wings? Got a clip to settle a bet?