Pepsi Samba Inspires Dancing Legs

Pepsi launched the new flavour, Samba, with a television commercial celebrating Latin American rhythms. It’s a scene from Colombia. Samba music plays as a pair of men’s trousers dances across a pedestrian crossing and into a bar. We’re shown a billboard with Pepsi’s latest product, “Samba”. Two young men stand in the bar watching with amusement as they drink from their carefully held bottles of Pepsi Samba. Each of them takes a turn at having his legs dance off without the torso. The text comes up: Find Your Rhythm, Tropical Flavoured Cola.

Men at bar watch disembodied legs dance for Pepsi Samba TV Ad

It’s the spot that has just been released on Australian televisions, backing up Pepsi’s summer release of its new tamarind and mango flavoured drink. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Dancing Legs ad was created by Clemenger BBDO, Sydney by creative team Rocky Ranallo, Danny Searle, Ant Hatton and Robbie Brammall with senior producer Roy De Giorgio.

Filming in Colombia was shot by director Damien Toogood, via Luscious International, with producer Tim Berriman.

Where to hear the Pepsi Samba music

The music/sound for Pepsi Sound was composed by Eden, arranged and mixed by Song Zu.


On Saturday Eden’s releasing the full track as a single under the name, King Rocker featuring Carlos Mora. The track is called “Asereko (Homie)”. Carlos is described as a CostaRican / Sydneysider.

The single has five mixes.
1. Asereko (Homie) (Edit)
2. Asereko (Homie) (Extended)
3. Asereko (Homie) (Team Brooklyn’s Electro Mix)
4. Asereko (Homie) (Patrick Alavi Presents Dolphin Collins Remix)
5. Asereko (Homie) (Mike Felks Mix)

See the lyrics at my post: Pepsi Samba Cuban Rap Music

Another commenter recommends Mexico City-based band, Molotov. This group, formed in 1995, have style characterised by lyrics in Spanish and English, rapped by Tito Fuentes. See their web site at and order their music from the Amazon chart.

Pepsi Samba Dancing has a behind the scenes documentary of the ad shot on location in Colombia, interviewing Californian dancer David “Elsewhere” Bernal and director Damien Toogood. David wore green clothes to cover over the top of his body. David Elsewhere Bernal also featured in the VW Gold commercial “Singing in the rain”.