Optus Animals sing in Harmony

Exotic animated animals are used to promote Optus‘ latest campaign in Australia, released here in Australia on Sunday August 14. The TV ad features Rube Bloom and Harry Ruby’s 1945 hit, “Give me the simple life”, sung by laid back happy animals. The song first appeared in the the 1946 movie, “Wake Up and Dream”, sung by June Haver and John Payne. The song was taken to the charts twice that year; by Liza Morrow and the Benny Goodman orchestra, and Bing Cosby with Jimmy Dorsey’s Orchestra. Years later the song was used in a soup commercial.

Animals in Optus Harmony TV ad

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Here’s the words (with credits to singers).

I don’t believe in frettin’ and grievin’
(Deer – Tammin Sursock)
Why mess around with strife?
(Lion – Lee Kernaghan)
I never was cut out to step and strut out.
(Bear – Doug Parkinson)
Give me the simple life.
(Zebras – played by Human Nature)

Some like the high road, I like the low road,
(Giraffe – Kate Ceberano)
Free from the care and strife.
(Alligator – Tex Perkins)
Sounds corny and seedy,
but yes, indeed-y; (Deer & Lion)
Give me the simple life.
(Bear with Kangaroos in background)

Tiger stalks through grass wagging tail to trumpet solo played by James Morrison.

Voiceover: “At Optus we do everything we can to make your life just that little bit simpler”

(Chimpanzee and Elephant sway to the music, Tiger wags his tail).

Sounds corny and seedy, (Zebras) but yes, indeed-y;
(Bear, Giraffe, Deer)
Give me the simple life. (All animals)
Yeah (Zebra)

The singers are accompanied by John Morrison’s Swing City.

Deer and lion in Optus Harmony TV ad

Credits and Download

Optus Harmony was created at Sydney advertising agency, M&C Saatchi, by creative directors Tom McFarlane and Ben Welsh, art director Ant Larcombe, copywriter Paul Dunne, and agency producer Loren August.

Phil Meatchem, director with Film Graphics, worked with producer Jo Jordan and editor Sue Schweikert.

Animation was produced at Animal Logic, Sydney, by executive producer Jacqui Newman, producer Nerissa Kavanagh, lead compositor Leoni Willis, compositor Nicholas Ponzoni, assistant compositor Mark Robinson, 3D team leader Nathan Mitchell, animation lead Michael Mellor, lighting lead Andrew Lodge, technical director Clinton Downs, 3D artists Ian Watson, Stefan Litterini, Ben Falcone, Steve Beck, Paul Braddock, Brett Margules, Tom Bardwell, Gerrard Southam, Bhakar James, Sandy Sutherland and Phil Wittmer, matte painting artist Ben Walsh, shoot supervisor Jane Milledge, and concept artist Evan Shipard.

Sound and music were designed and edited at Song Zu, Sydney.

  • Anonymous

    Really love this ‘animal’ advertisement. Of Course the song is fiited so well to the mouth movement that this really increased to impact.

  • Anonymous

    If Anyone Knows Where I Can Get This Song From Could You Please Email Me @ MichaelAllen [+] esc dot net dot au


  • Anonymous

    My ten month old son loves and adores this ad. We taped it on a video from the tv but he happened to press record and taped over it. He dances to the whole song but his favourite part is the tiger walking through the grass, the smile on his face melts your heart! I would love to now where to get this from as it isn’t shown on tv much anymore. My son has loved this ad pretty much since he could identify things.

  • Anonymous

    does any one know what the old optus song was the one where the eagle fly’s across a blue sky

  • Joanna

    If anyone could advise (if it is legal firstly) to download this clip as my screensaver that would be great and if so, could someone please help me figure out where to find it?

    By far the cleverest, most entertaining advesrtisement I think I have every run across, so brilliantly created, with the most adorable animals!! Bravo!!


  • Sandra Despard

    If anyone knows where i can get a copy of the advert “Optus Harmony Animalsâ€?can you please e-mail me on info@corporatetouch.com.au

  • Stu

    Hi everybody,
    guess what i’ve a got copy of the add,
    you will need a copy of quicktime to play it,
    vist my blog at http://stuflash.blogspot.com/
    ENJOY 🙂

  • elaine bourke

    best ad very clever love all the animals never get tired of seeing and hearing it keep it coming

  • Al

    This is my favourite ad! i love it so much!!!

  • david jackson

    It is a pity that we have to watch so much rubbish in advertising, then we have a giraffe, a tiger and a lion talking. It is a joy to watch and listen to.It would appear that I have missed some of the other ads.
    Keep them coming optus.

  • jerry

    can you send me the ad with all the singin aminals

  • Hi Jerry. I’ve rearranged the post this morning. I recommend downloading the ad from Animal Logic or watching it on YouTube.

  • Lolly

    oh my goodness! da greatest add. i looove the lion!!! by far my favourite ad ever 🙂

  • Kerri

    Do you have the ad with the Tiger in the Library?

  • Melly

    Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THEY’RE SINGING!!!!! :O

    This is too freaky, just PERFECT for me!!!!

    I love this ad!!!

  • riki

    Hi, I LOVE ALL the ads… and wonder where i could get a copy of them? is there somewhere where we could download them at all? i stop everything when these ads come on and they always bring a smile to my face..especially the LION that “had a pie” LOVE IT !!

  • Serge

    I downloaded the ad from the link in the article above and it works perfectly.
    My 20 month old son loves it.

  • Cheryl

    Does anybody know why Optus decided to use animals as there main theme in advertising? Is there a story behind it?

  • Jed

    Great add welld one i love it

  • graham coulsen

    how can i get a copy of the orang-outang prepaid advert. this is the greatest and happiest advert on tv. I would like a copy as a screen saver on my computer

    give the add agency a bonus for this advert