NRMA Insurance works with Norma and Brisbane Broncos

NRMA (even though they’re based in Sydney) sponsor the Broncos, a rugby league team based in Brisbane, Queensland. Never mind the interstate rivalry… NRMA TV Rugby League ads are great. They’ve been produced by M & C Saatchi, Sydney and they’re online at

NRMA Broncos advertisements

Spelling of NRMA

Click channel 1 on the ‘remote control’ to see three groundsment puzzling over the logo they’ve just painted on the footy ground.

Dane Carlaw: Mate you sure that’s right?
Corey Parker: Yeah it’s got to have a second vowel in it,
otherwise it doesn’t make sense.
Dane: Strange name for an insurance company.
Petero Civoniceva: Maybe it was started by a woman.
Voiceover: We don’t mind how you say our name.
Just remember we do insurance.
You’ll find we’re a big help.

Shakespearean Broncos

Click channel 2 on the ‘remote control’ to see Broncos players quoting Shakespeare in the lead up to a television interview.

Darren Lockyer: I believe one could draw parallels between the second half and that of the fourth act of Henry V.
Tonie Carroll: Ah yes. For he who today sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.
Darren Lockyer: Indeed Mr Carroll. Indeed.
Interviewer: That was a gutsy win today lads.
Darren Lockyer: Ah well mate just happy to get the two points today.
Tonie Carroll: Just taking it week to week mate.
Voiceover: We love the simple answers too. That’s why our car and home policies are written in plain English. Call 132 132 for NRMA Insurance. You’ll we’re a big help.
Darren Lockyer: After you.
Tonie Carroll: Oh no, after you.
Darren Lockyer: No but I insist!

Storm Damage

There’s another NRMA Broncos TV Advert, not yet online, with reference to hail damage. Shane Webcke is totally misunderstood by his mates. “I hate those Melbourne players” is a reference to the Storms (Melbourne League team).


Filming was directed by John Curran at Cherub Pictures, Sydney, with producer Pip Smart.

Footnote on Motorists Associations Downunder

NRMA (National Roads and Motorists’ Association Limited) is an Australian company based in New South Wales. Its equivalent in Queensland is RACQ, in South Australia is RAA, in Victoria is RACV, RACT in Tasmania, RAC in WA, AANT in Northern Territory and AA in New Zealand.