Nike Reincarnate Now

Nike has a couple of television commercials delivered through the perspective of reincarnation. “Maureen” introduces us to a woman who has come back as a squirrel watching the runners in the park. “Reincarnate Now” takes us on the road with a runner, suggesting we can be reincarnated during this life as we run.

Squirrel in Nike TV Ad

Meet Maureen Kuwoski. This is Maureen’s first time as an Eastern Grey squirrel. She likes the park as there are plenty of trees. She sleeps in that big oak over there. Is she satisfied? Yeah. Is she happy? No she’s not. You see, Maureen was a promising long distance runner in her previous life and now the only time she stretches her legs is when she runs away from the dogs that constantly harass her. A cruel twist of fate brought her here – forced her to watch the runners in the park every day while pushing themselves to become better, pursuing their dreams, tormenting her, reminding her of what she might have been. Don’t risk it. Reincarnate in this life. “Reincarnate now.”. Click on the image below to play the video.

Reincarnate Now

A runner wearing Nike Free makes his way along a lonely dirt track. A battle rages between the part of him that wants to stop and the part of him that wants to go on. As he pushes himself beyond his old limitations the new self leaves the old self behind. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Reincarnate campaign was developed at Publicis Mojo, Melbourne, by creative director Darren Spiller, copywriters Steve Jackson and Toby Moore, art directors Jason Williams, Christy Peacock and Selena McKenzie, and agency producer Corey Esse.

Filming was shot by director Noah Marshall via The Sweet Shop, working with Sharlene George, executive producer, producer Sarah Cook, and director of photography Ian McCarroll.

Tim Mauger provided off line production at Digital Sparks, Auckland. Colour work was provided by Peter Ritchie at Oktobor, Auckland. Post house production was done at Perceptual Engineering, Auckland by on-line editor Puck Murphy. Music was composed by Colin Simkins at Gusto Music, Melbourne.

Maureen and Reincarnate won Bronze Lions at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June 2006.