Mercedes Sleigh Ride

Mercedes is promoting the ‘Winter Event’ with a 30 second Christmas holiday television spot. Snow is falling in the forest. The music provides a sense of drama with a hint of sleigh bells. Headlights light up a reindeer browsing by the road. The camera cuts to a two lane convoy of silver Mercedes cars, followed by a red coupe driven by a laughing Santa. The text “Happy Holidays from Mercedes-Benz.” The voice: “Come to the Mercedes-Benz Winter Event now and see all the exciting new rides we have to offer. There’s sure to be something for every wish list.”

We’re given the American web site for Mercedes -Benz where we discover that the Winter Event is a seasonal campaign promoting special lease offers on select C, E, M, and R-Class models. The campaign runs through to January 3, 2006. Click on the image below to play the video in Vimeo (HD)


The ad was created by advertising agency Merkley & Partners by executive creative directors Andy Hirsh and Randy Saitta, associate creative director Chris Landi, agency producer Misha Louy and director of broadcast production Gary Grossman.

Filming was shot by Iceland directing duo Stefan Arni and Siggi Kinski (Arni & Kinski) at HSI. Arni and Kinski are known for their music videos for artists including Sigur Ros and Travis.

The ad was shot at Cross River, NY, in one autumn/fall day using car to car and helicopter shots.

Visual Effects were provided by RhinoxFX under the supervision of Vico Sarabani. RhinoFX changed the shot into a winter night, adding 34 layered elements, including snow on the trees, on the ground, falling on and around the cars. The snow is reflected on the cars, lit by their headlights and flies toward the camera because of the motion of the car. To provide a human feel to the shot RhinoxFX created a town in the distance representing Santa’s destination.

Audio Post was developed at Sound Lounge, NY. Sound design and mixing was provided by Marshall Grupp. Original music was by The Lodge.