Mentos Inspires Sheep

Mentos is presented as the confectionery of daring in this television commercial featuring wild rebellious sheep. Somewhere in a German field a shepherd carries a lamb as the sheep graze on grass, violins playing pastoral music. As the shepherd scoffs a Mentos mint the sunlight catches the moment, with choral music for effect. The sheep look up, inspired. Next thing we see ride-on reel lawn mowers heading towards the sheep dog, ridden by Mentos-carrying sheep. The catch line, “Save Your Mouth For Mentos: The Fresh Mint”, is followed by one short bark.

Triumphant sheep with Mentos

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Credits and Downloads

The Sheep campaign was developed at Bartle Bogle Hegarty London by creatives Gavin Lester and Anthony Goldstein, and agency producer Amy Sugden.

Filming was shot by director Rocky Morton via MJZ, London, with producer David Zander. Local production was by Altana Films, Argentina.

The Mill, London, provided post production work with producer Debbie Turner. Editor was Stephen Gandolfi at Cut + Run.

The soundtrack in the second half is “D.P.” by punk band Clinic, recorded in the early days of their career and re-released on “3 EPs”. Download it on iTunes or purchase it from


Truck Pull

Brian Beletic (Stink TV) came through with another Mentos sheep ad in April 2004, with “Truck Pull”, a WWF-style contest between two muscley wrestlers and a sheep. The wrestlers (Louie Steenkamp and Brian Oosthuizen) don’t have what it takes to pull the truck. But the sheep, after nibbling on Mentos mints, has what it takes to pull the truck with its teeth. We’re told the secret for healthy teeth is sugar free Xylitol in the Cool Active mints.

BBH UK Creatives were Gavin Lester and Anthony Goldstein, with producer Oily Chapman. Producer from Stink was Blake Powell. Film editor was Maury Loeb from PS 260.

Post production was done at The Mill by producer Melanie Wickham, Flame artists Chris Knight, Adama Grint and Edwin So, with Rob Van Den Bragt on 3D.

Sheep Volley

Mentos in Germany have continued the sheep theme with Sheep Volley, an interactive online volleyball game featuring animated sheep.

Clinic 3 EPs at