McDonalds Inner Child Comes Out

McDonalds Australia released the inner child this month, appealing to adults’ nostalgia for McDonalds. The 60 second ad begins with an office worker reaching for a top shelf to put away a file. All of a sudden she freezes. A hatch in her front opens and out comes a child. The little girl makes a rendezvous with a little boy emerging from the body of another frozen office worker. In the basement car park a shopping couple freeze as they open up their car. Their inner children get in and drive off. We see the inner children of a jogger, bus driver, swimmer, courier, storage worker, window washer, executive and tourist.

Inner Child dines at McDonalds in TV Ad

The crowds of children arrive at McDonalds/McCafe to enjoy their healthy meals and gourmet coffee, finding their places at long benches, booths, enjoying the warm lighting, comfy chairs and the number of food choices. A voiceover urges the viewer to “Come see what’s changed and feed your inner child?. The ad finishes with the two office workers unfreezing to find themselves in the possession of a burger and a yoghurt dessert.


The Inner Child campaign was developed atLeo Burnett Sydney, by creative director Mark Collis, copywriter Stephen Coll, art director Matt Ryan and agency producer Brenden Johnson.

Filming was shot by director Joel Pront, via Collider. Post production was done at Fin Design & Effects and Guillotine.

Collider tell us that the door effect was achieved by body casting real adults then building complete prosthetic models of their torsos with doors scuplted into them. The model torsos were then composited back into high speed footage of the frozen adults.

Joel is represented by Believe Media.

The music was produced specifically for the advertisement, composed by Elliot Wheeler, a staff composer with Nylon Studios. The song was sung by Melanie Horsnell – an Australian singer song writer.


Melanie Horsnell CD CoverOh Me, Oh My
My Me, My My
A funny thing like that
So wondering I try

I see, I spy
My me, My eye
Spy my little eye
I spy my me oh my
My my, my me
My my

  • Jason

    I have really enjoyed this discussion regarding the monkey and it’s crabs.

    Now I think Mcdonalds ought to bring out a crab burger or something to celebrate how great they did at advertising it.

    Just as long as we get a fruit bag and a baileys and milk with it, hehhee


  • L

    My dad and I just spent a week camping and I cannot tell you how many times we tried to figure the saying (Jingle) out LOL – GOTTA LOVE IT – No Seriously it’s ACE

  • matt

    Feist – 1 2 3 4

  • gilly

    Rhyme starts off well but not as good as the “politicaly incorrect one” Eany meany miney mo, Catch a nigger by the toe…etc..

  • erincatherin

    what was this again can someone tell me straight away. there was a little monkey that went around the country tip toe the toet tray…….. and whats the rest it sounds fun to say. lolz

  • darcey

    argh how annoying thats so gay it doesnt make sense its talking about crabs then its like my tummy says it must be you! i am so devastated now thats a LAME ending

  • Heidi

    Ha ha I thought it was tripped on a toaster… Can’t believe there’s a discussion about this, oh dear…

  • Selections

    Had to look up this site to see what the monkey tripped on – loved it^_^

  • hobartians

    the end to that rhyme has been bugging me and my dad for ages! its so good to know the end, even if it is stupid. oh and i love the accent its too cool my cousin talks the same. its a kid thing

  • kaitlyn

    me and my mates were trying to figgure out the lyrics the other day.
    the add is awesome.
    i send a myspace bulliten with the lyrics.
    later all.

  • Hello
    reading these posts because contributed vocals to a McD. Ad recently.

    Just wanted to respond to earlier comments about people wanting to purchase songs from the ad.
    The reason you cannot release that stuff is because McD. would own it, and the artists who created it would not get a cent for their work!


  • Peter

    Junk food kills.