Mainland Cheese Cheesemakers on TV

Having spent this last week on the Mainland (New Zealand’s South Island) I thought it would be appropriate to feature Mainland Cheese today. Mainland is rapidly becoming a popular choice in Australian supermarkets, with the range of mild, colby, tasty, vintage, feta and edam cheeses.

Mainland Cheese Old Men Check Vintage in TV Ad

Mainland Cheese is based in Dunedin and is part of the Fonterra Group. I’m surprised they don’t have their own web site, though the brand does get a page of its own at the web sites of New Zealand Milk and Fonterra. Mainland features as the major sponsor of the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust.

Mainland Cheese Logo Robert Sarkies, director of the Dunedin film, Scarfies, was responsible for three of the Mainland Cheese commercials in New Zealand. Working with creatives Hugh Walsh and Chris Martin from Clemenger BBDO Wellington, Sarkies directed a series of ads featuring two leisurely gents strolling up to their Central Otago hut (near Queenstown) to check the tasty cheese.

Vintage Time to Check the Cheese

The Vintage ad (Sharp) features two old codgers taking a break from their fishing. They play a word game as they walk up to the cottage, connecting species of fish with popular singers. They try Cod Stewart, Squid Vicious, Cinammon Davis Junior, Tim and Eel Finn, Terakihi Kanawa, Tina Tuna, finishing with Pike and Tina Tuna. On the way back from the cheese tasting they find musicians with cheese sounding names: Chubby Cheddar, The Brie Gees, Camembert Humperdink, Mozarella Fitzgerald, Bryan Edam, Stilton John, Colby Stilton Nash and the Beatles. The Beatles? Yeah… Grated Hits!

Mainland Birds

The Birds ad features bird impersonations. It’s a moa, tern, seagull, duck, heron and a crane. Voiceover: “We wait eighteen months for our vintage cheddar to develop that distinctive sharp Mainland taste. Eighteen long months.” “It’s a fantail!”

Mainland Port

‘Mainland Port’, also directed by Sarkies, features our two old codgers walking home from the cheese tasting, obviously drunk as they sing ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain”. We’re introduced to Mainland Port Cheddar – each block individually soaked in real port.

This series was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by creative director Philip Andrew, copywriter Hugh Walsh, art director Chris Martin, agency producer Martin Collins, account supervisor Sharon Angus.

Filming was shot by director Robert Sarkies via Motion Pictures with producer Declan Cahill and director of photography Ian Paul. Music was by Murray Grindley.

The Cheesemakers

Singleton Ogilvy & Mather has until this year looked after Mainland’s promotion in Australia, with the “Friend in the fridge” campaign as the starship campaign.

Julian Smith conceived, wrote and directed the original series of Mainland “Cheesemakers” that established the popularity of Mainland cheese in Australia. The ads take off the New Zealand accent time after time. For those living in other parts of the world, you need to know that Australians pick Kiwis up on their pronunciation of the short ‘i’ in which ‘milk’ becomes ‘mulk’, and the short ‘a’ in which ‘fatter’ becomes ‘fetter’.

Chefs discuss Mainland Cheese in TV AdIn Taranaki, New Zealand a young chef/cheesemaker asks his senior, “Why is it? Why is Mainland Colby the best cheese?” The answer… “Well the grass is greener. The milk is richer. The cows are fatter.” “Feta! That’s a Greek cheese isn’t it?” “Not feta! Fatter!”
Voiceover: “In the lush green pastures of New Zealand they might be a bit behind the rest of the world but that’s why their Mainland cheese is so far ahead.”
The young chef starts again…”If New Zealand is made up of islands, doesn’t that make Australia the mainland?”

Julian provides the original Cheesemakers ad in quicktime, windows media and flash formats at his new site, The Creative Directors.

I Hire the Cheesemakers

Roger Tompkins directed the Mainland Cheesemakers Ad in which a guy waits out three contestants for a job at Mainland Cheese. When he asks the only other guy left if he’s ‘here about the job too?” “Me, no, I work here. I hire the cheesemakers. Welcome aboard.” Mainland. Good things take time.

A note from the Fonterra corporate site:
Mainland Products Ltd employs about 2,200 staff, and has in excess of 2,200 different end product variants. Products include milk, cream, UHT milk, flavoured milk, cream, fruit beverages, butter, cheese (cheddar, processed and specialty), yoghurt, cultured foods, processed meats, and frozen convenience foods.