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Remember the moment in Dead Poets Society, where Robin Williams’ character John Keating gathers the students around the old boys photograph? “Listen… they’re speaking… they’re saying to us… “Carpe Diem”. Kodak has taken that idea and made it the starring moment of their latest tv commercial. It’s an ad for the emerging online Kodak Gallery. A class of young students look around the gallery with their guide. They’re encouraged to Listen. Can you hear them? Just listen. The pictures. They’re talking. You have to be very quiet. They’re saying, “Keep me. Protect me. Share me. And I will live forever.”

Scene from Kodak Gallery

The full ad is to be found at the gallery itself at http://gallery.kodak.com Make sure you have Shockwave flash installed. Allow popups and enter the gallery. Click on the photos on the wall to the right of the curator. It’s a 10 MB flash animation so be prepared to wait for it to load, even if you have broadband. Once you’re at the gallery, click on these photos for the full tv commercial.

Click on the image below to play the video.


(April 2005)

The Kodak Gallery (previously Ofoto) is now up and running. The site outlined above is no longer in operation. I’ll post here if the ad makes its way back online.

Post Post Script

(August 22, 2005)

It’s good to see the campaign is back online this week. To reach the Kodak Gallery Tour, with its 14 MB flash-format movie, click on “Take The Tour”, the small underlined words in the right hand corner at the bottom of www.kodakgallery.com.

Kodak Gallery’s television and online advertising campaign is back on deck.

Adcritic informed us last week:

“To support the launch of Kodak’s EasyShare Gallery, Ogilvy & Mather New York will launch a multimedia campaign based on the idea of an infinite gallery containing all the pictures in the world. A series of Joe Pytka-directed commercials – plus a six-minute mini-movie -take us inside the metaphorical museum, where children are given a tour of pictorial history and other visitors reminisce about the past.”

The multimedia campaign was on in February this year, then disappeared in about April when the actual digital photography gallery opened for use.


Still from the web site and TV AdThe Kodak Gallery campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, by group creative director Mike Wilson, executive creative director Chris Wall, art director Richard Ryan, and agency producer Lisa Steinman.

Filming was directed by Joe Pytka from PYTKA.

Editor was Adam Liebowitz at Go Robot.

Music was by Brian Banks at Ear to Ear.

Visual Effects were developed at Nice Shoes.

Kodak Gallery at YouTube