Kia at Ends Of The Earth

Kia’s Sportage and Sorento television ads in Australia feel like classic ‘feel good’ ads. In this post we feature Ends of the Earth (Giant), Key Toss, Books (Amanti) and Clockwatchers, developed at BWM Sydney.

Ogre in Kia TV Ad

In the Sportage Ends of the Earth ad (Giant) cars wind their way round beautiful isolated roads, through the hills to the end of nowhere. The voice over inspires us to drive this car to the limits. A Kia Sorento can take you to the ends of the earth… where anything can happen. Like being picked up by an ogre and eaten alive. Or being grabbed by a many-legged monster. Yah! Click on the image below to play the video.


The Kia Giant campaign was developed at BWM, Sydney, by Mike Boswell, Adam Hunt, Maureen McCabe, Lisa McLeod and Simon Frost.

Filming was shot by Simon Frost via Plaza Films, Sydney, with producer Neal Kingston.

Then there’s the Sportage Key Toss ad – with one car being shared by people on the road to freedom. From out the executive’s woman’s hand to the pavement, to the guitarist on his way to the cafe, the waitress on her way to the beach, the dog owner on her way from the beach to the suburbs, the cyclist on his way to the hills, the scout troop on it’s way to the city, the cake artists on their way to a wedding, the happy couple on their way to the hotel, and back to the hands of the executive woman… Click on the image below to play the video.

The music’s by Goat, also known as Andy Rosen, from the album “Great Life” and was also used in the soundtrack to “I know what you did last summer”. Thanks Greg for the note. Also see Citycynic’s post.

“Start having a great life
It’s about living with inspiration
Start having a great life
I don’t take it for granted man”

Great Life – GoatDownload the Goat Great Life music track from iTunes.

In “Books” the Kia Amanti drives through the limits set by dusty books. Click on the image below to play the video.

In Clockwatchers eager Kia drivers wait for the release of the new Sportage…