John West tackles shark for best tuna

As a follow up to the Bear fight television commercial for salmon, John West produced another funny ad, “Shark”, this time to promote their tuna products. It starts with a man giving a Jacques Cousteau style of narration. With a French accent, “This was the moment we were most concerned. This majestic animal might cause itself injury against the confines of the harness.”

Fisherman crawls out of shark for John West TV Ad

Out comes a tuna. And then a voice. “Alright lads”. A chap with a beanie and yellow overalls crawls out of the shark’s mouth, contending with the teeth and losing his ‘Wellington’ gumboot. He reclaims the boot and picks up the fish, jumps into a rubber dinghy and drives off to the coast. The voiceover: “John West endured the worst to bring you the best.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Shark ad was developed at Leo Burnett, London, by creatives Steve Jones and Martin Lorraine, and agency producer, Graeme Light.

Filming was shot by directing collective Traktor via Partizan Midi Minuit

Post production was done by The Moving Picture Company who tell us that an animatronic shark was used for the shoot, with electric cables to control its movements.

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