John West tackles shark for best tuna

As a follow up to the Bear fight television commercial for salmon, John West produced another funny ad, “Shark”, this time to promote their tuna products. It starts with a man giving a Jacques Cousteau style of narration. With a French accent, “This was the moment we were most concerned. This majestic animal might cause itself injury against the confines of the harness.”

Fisherman crawls out of shark for John West TV Ad

Out comes a tuna. And then a voice. “Alright lads”. A chap with a beanie and yellow overalls crawls out of the shark’s mouth, contending with the teeth and losing his ‘Wellington’ gumboot. He reclaims the boot and picks up the fish, jumps into a rubber dinghy and drives off to the coast. The voiceover: “John West endured the worst to bring you the best.”

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The Shark ad was developed at Leo Burnett, London, by creatives Steve Jones and Martin Lorraine, and agency producer, Graeme Light.

Filming was shot by directing collective Traktor via Partizan Midi Minuit

Post production was done by The Moving Picture Company who tell us that an animatronic shark was used for the shoot, with electric cables to control its movements.

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  • Ana

    Oh my GOD. That photo was so set up. You should publish somthing about shark finning. SAVE THE SHARKS, DON”T KILL THEM!!!

  • shell

    what a loser!!! it must be sooo hard to hook and drag a shark to it’s death! pleeeaaase! people like that are just plain sad and stupid. i hope that guy ends up in a shark mouth… one that is still alive and swimming in the ocean where they belong. good job idiot.

  • matt

    screw sharks and you shark lovers sharks should die.

  • ryan

    no shut up U sharks should be saved NOT KILLED 🙁

  • bob

    i hate sharks. i hope they all die!!! who even likes sharks? they can eat u in one bite!!

  • jean luc

    i think it would take several bites, minimum.

  • Carnivore

    Shark is tasty. We’re on the top of the food chain for a reason. Eat them before they eat you. Save the sharks? For what? A barbecue? Go hug a tree you hippie. I eat sharks and I’d eat you to if I wasn’t sure you’d give me gas.

  • Tara

    dued u r weird

  • josh

    I find sharks fasinating and with out them the food chain would go into overdrive!and if you belive films like jaws you should be shot espacially if you eat them you cruel @!ӣ$%**

  • best

    ha, yer sharks are pretty cool but we rule them and we should continue to rule them. if they cant cope with it then the get kicked out of the foodchain and they obviously wernt good enough 😛

  • Jack

    Ummmmmm, im pretty sure that was just a commercial to all of you out there saying it was fake and poor shark well your very observant, cause it was indeed fake. I for one have never seen a man regurgitated from a shark, whole, with a fish, out of the water. Also sharks were here long before we were (by we I mean humans) and im pretty sure were top of the food chain on land and in cities. go out into the wild and see how long your self ritous ass lasts. i guess the moral here is some people are just dumb and should read before they just comment.

  • dogy

    shark are cool they don’t have to die as they’re god’s animals .and if you eat a shark you are a freak

  • The Boyz

    2 all those who enjoy harvesting shark fins how
    bout i harvest your hands and feet lets see
    how well you get around

    love the Bounty Boi

  • Sharky

    Why kill sharks? Sharks are kool. So they might bite the hell out of you in an attak but its extremely rare and it probably wont happen to you so SAVE THE SHARKS!!!!! Please.

  • jhen

    how bastard they are????

  • michelle

    Well i wont say they should all die. but people shouldnt kill them for there fins yuck!

  • alana

    why shoud they kill the sharks? they can sometimes be good. if your a shark hater shame on u. Save the Sharks!!!!

  • Danielle

    i think sharks are amazing animals, they are miss-understood, we should that take time to learn more about them and their enviroment. as a life guard i’ve seen a few sharks but never anything serious. they are really hightly developed creatures and should be treated with respect and not fear that comes out of ignorance. but yeah don’t mess around with them they have more teeth than you do. also in cases of shark attacks, i’ve never heard of a shark actually eating people, when they realise that the person they’ve taken a bite of is not aseal they normally loose interest. take care and learn more b4 you judge

  • Lori

    That commercial was actually quite entertaining. I for one love wildlife so I dont find it great to kill anything, but unfortunately God did give us animals to eat so its just the circle of life. If someone wants to eat shark go for it. Just kill in modesty not for pleasure.

  • zak

    im a pimp

  • loretta

    sharks RULE and if i EVER catch one of you shark finners, say good-bye to your freedom.


  • Dave Allsop

    Shark fishing is so much fun. I have caught lots. Great fighters when they swallow that hook. And very tasty to eat too.