Jockey Balls – Treat Them Well

Jockey‘s international site is selling winter underwear. Down under it’s scorching and people are thinking summer. ‘O Hello’ is a TV advertisement made for the summer conditions of Australia and New Zealand. The TV ad starts with two tennis balls stuck in the fence and moves to two snooker balls in a pocket, two round green melons rolling around on the back of a truck, two basketballs wedged behind a hoop, two paper balls floating around on a roof, two cricket balls drained from roof spouting, two pinball ball bearings, two nectarines being carried in a plastic bag, two tomatoes in a blender, two ten pin bowling balls returned, two coconuts in a coconut shy, two balls of wool skewered together by knitting needles, two helium-filled balloons, two soccer balls bouncing down steps to the beach.

Jockey Tennis Balls

And then the text. “YOU ONLY GET ONE PAIR.” Back to the imagery. Two meat rissoles on the barbecue. “TREAT THEM WELL.” A couple of tyres hung together as a swing. “JOCKEY. RECUT Y-FRONT”. Click on the image below to play the video.


The ad was developed by Jay Furby (writer, art director, creative director & typographer) and Ross McGarva (art director) at Arnold Worldwide, Sydney.

The spot was directed and filmed by Darryl Ward at Curious Film with producer Matt Nooonan and editor Luke Haigh. Online editing was done by Jon Baxter at Perceptual Engineering and music was mixed at Nylon Studios.

Matt Shirvington

Earlier this year Arnold Australia creative director Rodd Martin worked with director Jamie Doolan from Great Films to produce the first TV ad in Jockey’s television campaign, featuring elite Australian 100m sprinter Matt Shirvington at Olympic Park, Melbourne. Training as a sole sprinter, Matt demonstrates the fit, control and support of the Jockey Performance underwear. In the commercial we see Matt running, shot from many angles highlighting the excellence of this new sports underwear range from Jockey.

Jockey down under is part of the Pacific Brands group. The only web site dedicated to Jockey down under is