Jack Links Jerky Feed Your Wild Side

Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, have just released a television campaign for Jack Links Jerky, with the tag line, “Feed Your Wild Side”. The three TV adverts feature office workers browsing from bags of dried meat – out on the grasslands. They’re being monitored by wildlife rangers.

Jack Links TV Ads


The first spot, Chopper, features the tagging of a jerky enthusiast. A herd of office workers is caught on the hop as a helicopter comes over the hill. They wildly run for cover. One chap isn’t so fast and is singled out for a tranquilizer shot. He wakes up to discover a tag in his ear. No worries. He still has his bag of Jack Links Jerky.

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The second spot shows us the release of an office worker into the wild. A wildlife truck drives out into the wilderness. Three rangers cautiously lift the bars to reveal a cigarette-smoking, jerky-eating, tie-wearing office worker. He walks down the ramp and joins the other jerky-eaters in the long grass.

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The third spot explores the night life of Jack Links Jerky eaters. Decoy eaters are placed in a clearing and a hideout is prepared for the rangers. They play a tape of Jerky calls to lure the eaters into the open. But the tape machine malfunctions and the Jerky eaters scatter.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

The adverts can be viewed in flash format at the Jack Links site, or in mpeg format at Adforum on the Carmichael Lynch agency preview page. The Helicopter ad can be seen as a 2.18 mb quicktime file at Bramsted White Noise who developed the music and sound track. Thanks to our anonymous commenter for the tip off.

  • Anonymous

    Ok so i’ve been trying to find out what the name of the song that they play on the jack links commercials… does anyone know what it is?

  • Anonymous

    Ditto. I’ve looked everywhere & can’t find it.

  • Anonymous

    Scratch that ditto. I found that the music was created by Brahmstedt White Noise (http://www.bwnoise.com). I sent them an email inquiring whether there’s actually a whole song there.

  • http://www.biltong.net Darryl

    I have been using “wild side” for my jerky product for several years. This looks like an infringement on my slogan. How do I pursue it?

  • Fred


    You’re asking for legal advice in forum? You’re lost.
    Call a lawyer.

  • blake

    this stuff is good az to eat