Ikea Lamp or Red Lamp

IKEA celebrates the value of discarding the old in favour of the new in “Lamp”, a television commercial directed by Spike Jonze. The basic plot: A used red lamp is discarded, placed out in the cold, mere rubbish on the pavement. A new lamp is taken inside and given pride of place. The morbid music draws us into the pathos of it all. And then some Swedish guy looks into the camera and points out that we have feelings for the lamp. We’re crazy, he says. The lamp has no feelings. And the new lamp is better!


The message of it all? Consume without a consicence! Get new stuff, even when the old stuff still works. Being trendy and having matching decor is good, better than conserving the resources of the earth. And IKEA will help you with the new stuff. I’m not too sure I agree with the basic concept but I like the impact of the advert. I think I’d go with the garage sale or EBay concept – one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.


IKEA Lamp was created at advertising agency Crispin Porter Bogusky Miami, by creative director Alex Bogusky, associate creative director Paul Keister, art directors Mark Taylor and Steve Mapp, copywriter Ari Merkin and agency producer Rupert Samuel.

Filming was shot by director Spike Jonze via MJZ with director of photography Rodrigo Prieto and producer Vince Landay.

Spike Jonze is known for directing ‘Being John Malkovich’, dancing on Fat Boy Slim’s “Praise You” video, and acting in “Three Kings”.

Editor was Eric Zumbrunnen (now at Final Cut), at Spot Welders. Visual effects were produced at D Train.

Music and sound were designed and arranged by Ren Klyce at Mit Out Sound.

‘Lamp’ won awards all over the place in 2003, including the Grand Prix for Film at Cannes International Advertising Festival.