Anti IKEA Van Den Puup

IKEA’s arch enemies the Elite Designers are really double agents. In October 2004 the world was introduced to Van Den Puup, a pretentious Eurotrash designer of extortionate furniture who declares war on the “big stupid blue place” for their pathetically reasonable prices. Viewers are directed to the Elite Designers web site, with the following rant: “We are the Elite Designers. We design profound and beautiful furniture for those with wealth and taste. Which is why IKEA makes us furious, livid and angry. Do their designs live, breathe and growl? Are they born from tears of pain? Do they gently touch the bottom of the human soul? Pah! Of course not, no more than weeds can attract a bee. The big blue place is odious, its affordable design is sickeningly shallow and we loathe it even more than we loathe football. Please join us in our unqualified hatred.”

Elite Designers Van Den Puup

The bad news is that it appears as though Ikea has finished its deal with British advertising firm Karmarama. Karmarama lost the UK contract in May this year in favour of Danish firm, Robert Boisen & Like Minded, (RBLM).

The good news is that all five TV adverts are still online at
Monday Cabinet, Bedroom, Meaningless Bed, Bedside Cabinet, and Wardrobe.

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Van Den Puup in Anti Ikea TV AdThe ads were developed by Dave Buonaguidi and Naresh Ramchandani at Karmarama, London, and Michael Robert and Kim Boisen at Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded, Copenhagen.

Filming was shot by director Graham Linehan (director of Father Ted) via Sneezing Tree.

Ikea’s head of external communications Frances Evans said that democratic design was at the heart of everything that Ikea does.

“We believe that well-designed furniture should be affordable to everyone. The idea of creating an opposite universe where the Elite Designers reflect the antithesis of Ikea’s values presents us with a unique and compelling means to refresh the brand and continue to build on Ikea’s distinct, irreverent status in the home furnishings marketplace,” she said.