ACC Home Safety in NZ

Every three minutes someone is seriously injured in slip, trip or fall at home. Don’t let it be you.

Images from ACC Home Safety TV Ad campaignI was drawn to New Zealand’s Accident Compensation home safety page through a banner in the Stuff news portal – a digital clock counting down from 3 minutes. The link takes you to the ACC site featuring the advertising campaign on practical safety around the home.

One starts off with a home painter promoting solarshield external house paint as he climbs up his ladder. “Solarshield. Flows on like a dream. Protects against…. Aaaagh!” “Preventing falls around your home can be as easy as securing your ladder.” Hmm. I’ll remember that next time I’m up a couple of stories painting the scotia.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

Robert Sarkies directed this TVC with Mopix for Clemenger BBDO. I’m wondering how he got to film the guy falling down from the ladder. Must be wires involved somewhere.

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  • deadthevideo

    The advert-within-an-advert is an effective and successful way of selling a product/message on television. It is great the way these ads use this approach, making the viewer think that they are selling normal, random everyday products before delivering a knockout blow by showing what they are really advertising.