Glue Store Shirts in Customs Drama

Glue Store, an Australian apparel and shoe store chain owned by Harvey Norman, took a risky approach to advertising, suitable for the demographic target of young adults familiar with international travel. The ad would certainly have caught the eye of twenty somethings in Australia who would have made immediate connections with the arrest of Schapelle Corby in Bali.

Still from Glue Store Customs TV Ad

A backpacker walks off a plane into the customs queue in an Indonesian airport. He’s carrying a boogie board. A custom woman smiles at him. A soldier in dark sunglasses scowls at him. All of a sudden he’s singled out and pulled to the counter where his boogie board bag is opened. Sweat pours down our backpacker’s temple. One by one, plastic bags are opened and shirts are held up. Finally the text comes up, “Don’t Get Caught With Anything Else”. Glue. Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming was directed by Peter Slee via DMC Digital, with executive producer Paul Meredith, director of photography Anthony Jennings, editor Ryan Boucher, with music and sound design by Brendan Woithe.