Gibson Girl passes Guitar Quiz

Father’s Day is coming up here in Australia. In honour of the day I’ll post a few TV ads featuring fathers and sons, fathers and daughters. Number one is the Gibson Guitar Quiz. Over breakfast, a father (Al Le Brun) grills his ten-year old daughter (Sara de Berry) on her knowledge of vintage Gibson Guitars, testing her grasp of important musical trivia. Jimmy Page‘s “Sunburst 58,” Lenny Kravitz‘s “Flying V”, Bob Marley‘s “Les Paul Special,” and BB King‘s “Lucille” are among the Gibson guitar models she rattles off. She’s quizzed on the signature guitars of Wes Montgomery, Joe Perry and Tony Iommi. Finally, Dad declares his pupil “ready.”

Father quizzes daughter in Gibson Guitars TV Ad

In the next scene, we see the little girl standing with her perplexed mother (Kirsten Nelson) in front of a wall of dazzling Gibson Guitars. “That’s the one for Dad,” the little girl says, pointing knowingly to the model her father has coached her to get Mom to buy for him. The voice-over then declares “A legendary Gibson-a gift like no other.”


The Gibson Guitar Quiz advertisement was developed at advertising agency Carmichael Lynch by agency producer Sean Healey, Chief Creative Officer Peter McHugh, Executive Creative Director Jim Nelson, Creative Director/Copywriter Glen Wachowiak, and Art Director Randy Tatum.

Director Axel Laubscher worked via Villains, Beverly Hills, with executive producers Robin Benson and Richard Goldstein, and director of photography Eric Tremel.

Editor Charlie Gerszewski worked with producer Kelly Thaemert at Channel Z. see the story on their role at ScreenMag.TV.

Postproduction staff included colorist Steve Medin at Pixel Farm, MN, colorist Sue Lakso at Crash & Sue’s MN, and Executive Producer Heidi Habben.

Music was composed and arranged by Carl White and Ken Brahmstedt at BWN, Minneapolis, with Carl responsible for audio mixing.