Ford SportKa Deals With Cat and Pigeon

The Ford SportKa found fame in 2003 with the inadvertent release of two shocking ads: Pigeon and Cat. Ogilvy & Mather creatives worked with the concept of the SportKa being the Ford Ka’s evil twin. The Ka, released in 1996, was perceived as being a humble economical car. The SportKa needed to attract the maverick market. And so was born the plot that would infuriate animal rights groups across the world.

Ford Sportka Bird TV Ad

Sportka Pigeon

‘Pigeon’ featured a pigeon in the foreground flying down to sit on the bonnet of a black Ford Sportka. Before it get a chance to roost the bonnet flies up and catapults the bird through the air. Feathers float through the air and the pigeon lands on the ground, inert. The spot was shown on UK Television but not for long. Pigeon lovers wasted no time in protesting.

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Sportka Cat

‘Cat’ was never shown on television but travelled the world as an inadvertently released viral advert. The ad shows a ginger shorthair cat jumping onto the roof of a black Ford Sportka to investigate the newly opened sunroof. Will it jump in? To our horror the sunroof closes in on the neck of the struggling a cat. Eventually the head falls off and the body of the cat slumps down the side of the car, out of view. There’s no voice over. Just the words: Ford SportKa – The Ka’s Evil Twin.

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Both Ford and Ogilvy & Mather released apologies for the release of the cat advertisement. Ford claimed not to have known the spot had even been made. Ogilvy said that it would investigate how the ad came to be released on to the internet. Viewers were assured that no animals were harmed as the ads were made with computer generated visual effects. I notice that no credits have ever been posted for the spots. We will probably never know who the creative director or director of photography was…

Ford Sportka Cat TV Ad

The Evil Twin microsite is no longer running. But the ads continue to be seen on unofficial sites. Snopes ran a story on the ads and provided links (half of which no longer work).

‘Pigeon’ was directed by Henry Littlechild for The Viral Factory, now at Outsider Films, with art director Agnieszka Debska and director of photography Dewald Aukema.