Ford Miracle Campaign

Franky Willekins from OgilvyOne Brussels has posted at Context on the recently released Ford viral campaign featuring people desperately hoping for a miracle. In an attempt to go viral, Ford Belgium has just launched The site holds three short funny clips, a forward-to-a-friend and a tune-in-for-more form. The latter will keep you posted when Ford releases a new movie. The viral site builds further upon the Ford does miracles campaign that featured the much-talked-about Talking Ad.

Ford Miracle Gonfle (Inflate)


The first spot, Karateka, shows us a young karate novice preparing for a daunting task. It soon becomes clear he needs a miracle. Karateka is the name of a computer game designed for Apple and Commodore back in the 1980s. I wonder if there’s a connection with the Ford Ka?

The second spot, Gonfle (Inflate) gives us the scenario of a father blowing up a jumping castle, definitely in need of a miracle. Click on the image below to play the Gonfle video.

The third ad, Arbalete (Crossbow) reveals the shaky hand of a Parkinsons sufferer attempting a replay of William Tell’s shot at an apple on the head of a young woman. Click on the image below to play the Arbalete video.

I assume Ford’s given the go-ahead for each of these ads, having passed them through the sensitivity test. Last time Ogilvy and Ford released a viral campaign the results were mixed. See my previous post on the SportKa Cat and Pigeon ads.

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