Finnair Reindeer Finds Home

Finnair, the Finland-based airline, has a charming animated TV ad featuring a reindeer. A baby reindeer breaks out of the snow-covered trees into a clearing, obviously lost and alone. It looks into the night sky and sees a moving light. Guidance! The reindeer starts to run, under the watchful eye of a raven. Dashing through snow drifts and forests the reindeer comes to a halt on the edge of a cliff. A wolf menacingly approaches from behind. But there’s that moving light in the sky again. “Keep moving!” Finally our reindeer runs into a clearing to find the rest of the herd. The camera pans up into the sky to reveal that the light comes from an airplane. As the airplane lands it we’re clued in: “”Illaksi Kotiin” “Finnair: 80 vuotta.

Finnair Reindeer TV Ad

Click on the image below to play the video.


The ad “Poro” (Finnish for Reindeer) was created by Finnish advertising agency Sek & Grey.

“Finnair Poro” was directed by Vellu Valla and produced by Pauli Pentii via Finnish production company, Also Starring.

Visual effects were developed by Anima Vitae, Finland, paying special attention to the behavior and movement of reindeer in real life.