Bob Wendt, Cat Herders Producer

Bob Wendt, Agency Producer & Agency Visual Effects Supervisor for EDS Cat Herders, has his own web site, featuring television ads in quicktime format along with ‘viewer comment’. Check out Bob’s work at

Scene from EDS Cat Herders TV Ad

The Cat Herders ad, which won accolades for director John O’Hagan and team, is available here in two sizes, 10.3 and 4.8 MB. A bonus reel features Bill Clinton telling us that Cat Herders was the best ad he’d seen in the last year. Bob includes a collection of key frames from the television commercial.

See my earlier post on EDS Cat Herders – Herding Cats.

Other TV Adverts featured on Bob’s site:

“Rugby” MBNA (:30)
“Cinema Trailer” BMW Films (:30)
“Scenic View” Corona Extra (:30)
“Refrigerator Love” California Milk Advisory Board (:30)
“Mountain Bikers” Timex (:30)
“Happiness” BMW North America (:30)
“Squirrels” EDS (:60)
“Oreo Kane” California Milk Advisory Board (:30)

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