Alicia Keys and Bono Don’t Give Up on Africa

Bono and Alicia Keys have teamed up with Kristen Ashburn to produce “Don’t Give Up (Africa)”, a music video advocating the needs of children affected by AIDS in Africa. Released on the Keep a Child Alive site, the 16 mb quicktime video features photographs of children and adults struggling to respond to the lethal effects of AIDS. The web site has messages from a range of bands in quicktime and windows media: 50 Cent, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Good Charlotte, Josh Groban, Alicia Keys, KiJon, Nelly, Rod Stewart, Simple Plan and Toby Keith. The program is linked to the ONE Campaign to Make Poverty History.

Coffin by Kristen Ashburn

The pair first sang the tune at The Black Ball, a Nov. 3 fund-raiser in New York City for the charity. Keys performed onstage while Bono sang via satellite from a remote location. The song was prepared for World Aids Day (December 1) and will be released for sale through iTunes on December 6. “Don’t Give Up (Africa)” has also been released as a ringtone. All proceeds from the song will be donated to Keep A Child Alive, which provides medicine to families infected with AIDS and the HIV virus.

“I love this song. And I love Bono. I really respect what he has done for Africa and how he has used his fame to do good in the world. I hope I can do half as much in my life,” Keys, a global ambassador for the charity, said in statement on Wednesday.

“I believe AIDS is the most important issue we face, because how we treat the poor is a reflection of who we are as a people. I urge everyone to recognize the extreme disaster Africa is facing and step up for the Motherland.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

Original Duet

“Don’t Give Up” was originally performed by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush in 1986, and was titled, “So.”

Don’t Give Up – So (Special Edition) on iTunes

Nurses by Kristen Ashburn

Kristen Ashburn Photographer

Kristen Ashburn received the 2002 Marty Forscher fellowship for Humanistic Photography for her work on the impact of AIDS in Southern Africa. She is the the recipient of Canon’s 2004 Female Photojournalist Award given annually by the French Association of Women Journalists (AFJ) in support of her work on AIDS. Kristen and her AIDS photography features on Apple’s Pro/Photo website as one of the contributors to “A Day in the Life of Africa”, 2002.

Alternative Hymnal

Darren Wright has written up the song from the perspective of Christian gatherings. See his post at Alternative Hymnal.

Baby in Coffin by Kristen Ashburn

Lyrics of ‘So’ or ‘Don’t Give Up (Africa).’

In this proud land we grew up strong
We were wanted all along
I was taught to fight, taught to win
I never thought I could fail

No fight left or so it seems
I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name
But no one wants you when you lose

Don’t give up
‘Cos you have friends
Don’t give up
You’re not beaten yet
Don’t give up
I know you can make it good

Though I saw it all around
Never thought I could be affected
Thought that we’d be the last to go
It is so strange the way things turn
Drove the night toward my home
The place that I was born, on the lakeside
As daylight broke, I saw the earth
The trees had burned down to the ground

Don’t give up
You still have us
Don’t give up
We don’t need much of anything
Don’t give up

‘Cause somewhere there’s a place
Where we belong

Rest your head You worry too much
It’s going to be alright
When times get rough
You can fall back on us
Don’t give up
Please don’t give up

‘Got to walk out of here
I can’t take anymore
Going to stand on that bridge
Keep my eyes down below
Whatever may come
And whatever may go
That river’s flowing
Oh that river’s flowing

Moved on to another town
Tried hard to settle down
For every job, so many men
So many men no-one needs

Don’t give up
‘Cause you have friends
Don’t give up
You’re not the only one
Don’t give up
No reason to be ashamed
Don’t give up
You still have us
Don’t give up now
We’re proud of who you are
Don’t give up
You know it’s never been easy
Don’t give up
‘Cause I believe there’s a place
There’s a place where we belong

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