Christian Television Australia – You are Loved

With Easter associated around the world with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Christian Television Association Victoria (CTA) has produced an innovative advertisement dealing with the love of God instead of the traditional image of Jesus’€™ death on the cross. The new Easter 05 CTA ad campaign is designed to prompt people to think about the love of God in a new way through a series of illustrative sketches set to poignant music by UK band Note for a Child.

You Are Loved animation

Click on the image below to play the video.

“This campaign continues the Loved by God theme but with a different creative approach that concentrates on how God loved all people so much that He sent Jesus to the Earth as a practical example of God’s love,” said CTA Chair, John Dalziel who is also the Communications Director of the Salvation Army.

“Easter is the key Christian celebration in recognition of this important event of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This new CTA commercial concentrates on the love expressed through Jesus rather than His death on the cross which is the traditional Easter message,” he said.

Creative Consultant Coby Hallas said the ad depicts the search for treasure with God being the source of wisdom and treasure, as epitomised in the illustrations.

“This ad simply conveys that Jesus is approachable and that what sets Him apart is His unconditional love for humanity,” Ms Hallas said.

Design Director Tim Kentley of XYZ Studios Melbourne said he wanted to create a piece that emotionally connected to people.

“€œSometimes when footage is shot and used in ads people make a judgement of the ad based on the footage. However we’ve tried a fresh approach. We wanted to engage with the audience using imagery with pen/ink sketches set to music,” Mr Kentley said.

The song used is called “Impossibly Beautiful” and includes the following lyrics:

CTA Melody“I am the question,
and you are the answer,
need you the melody
to give life to my song

I am the boat in a sea all alone
You are the North Star
guiding me home
I am the explorer and you are the treasure I seek”