Castlemaine XXXX Beer TV Ads

In honour of Queensland’s efforts in the State of Origin Rugby League match against New South Wales, here’s a post on Castlemaine XXXX. I work just down the road from the Castlemaine brewery in Milton, Brisbane. Fourex Bitter is a full strength (4.8 %) well hopped lager, launched in 1878. Fourex Gold is a mid strength (3.5 %) lager, brought out in 1991 in response to drink driving concerns. Fourex Light Bitter is 2.3 % alcohol. They’re all owned by Lion Nathan.

XXXX Parched

Jacko is one of the stars of Castlemaine’s advertising campaign, which recently included a set of ads based around Jacko’s fishing trip. The series begins with Jacko’s mates taking a look at his Toyota Landcruiser. The clincher is the beer fridge in the back. “Good as gold mate”. Jacko’s House (Golden Retriever) and Jacko’s Ark and Jacko’s Island are available to view online at BMF Advertising, under Lion Nathan in the work section. “If that’s a golden retriever I’ll dog paddle nude to Cairns”, says Macca. “Good as gold, Macca!”

“Parched”, directed by Matt Murphy for BMF and produced at Fin Design, shows a twister bursting up the main street of a town and smashing its way through the entrance of the local pub. It stops in front of the bartender, who holds up a XXXX Bitter that gets sucked into the twister. The storm transforms into a man drinking the beer. The ad’s aimed at 18-29 year old blokes.

There’s an early XXXX ad called “Castlemaine Princess” floating around as well. It features a naive young woman skipping through the countryside talking to the animals and birds. She finds a frog, kisses it hoping for a prince. What she gets is an Australian sheep shearer. It’s his turn for a wish. She turns into a bottle of Fourex Gold!

Click on the image below to play the Princess video in YouTube

Fourex makes an appearance in Terry Pratchett’s light hearted fantasy, The Last Continent, set in the land of “EcksEcksEcksEcks”

  • You have just made me the happiest person alive!!! LOL i couldn’t find the XXXX ads anywhere, and my dad really wants them all, so I googled them and your blog came up!!! That rocks!!!

    so a huge THANKYOU!!!!

    Saxxxy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the XXXX ad with the dog slobbering over a tennis ball is online?



  • macca (rob price)

    macca here from the xxxx ads. Glad you like em. Will be touring W>A> soon with Jacko, marlin and backpacker.

  • Hey People – i’m looking for a set of olde XXXX ads. There were around 8 ads all the same style, but slightly different. They were from the early-mid 90’s & broadcast in UK 3-per-slot during movies.

    A good looking guy is at X, he drinks some 4X, gets on a motorbike, drives across the desert to meet an attractive girl.

    Then the same ad would play with variations inc one or both the people would be fat, the guy was a fly who got swatted by the girl & aliens were in the sky abducting the girl at the end.

    Any ideas what i’m on about? If you have, send me a message to Big congratrs if you can find where I can view them or download them.

    Cheers, Phil

    • Neil

      Been looking for these adds for years! They are by far the best xxxx adverts ever. I would love to see them again, I think they came on a break when itv had a good film on (that continued after the news), would appreciate any links or websites regarding these classics.

  • Dan

    Wondering if anyone knows the names of all the actors in the xxxx ads with the different freezers etc. Specifically the latest one on the island where the guy(need his name) puts a thing in the barrell cooler and the dog sets it off and hits him in the nads.
    Thanks, DT

  • Simon

    Regarding the xxxx gold barrel beer cooler nad knocker advert, can this found anywhere otehr can copying from the TV?

    For teh love of beer


  • shane

    anyone know where i can get the tv ad that features wally lewis. it goes something like here is to wally lewis lacing on a boot his the emperor of lang park. anyone let me know

  • Scott

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the XXXX ad with the girls riding bikes over the Storey Bridge getting buckets of water thrown over them? This ad only played a couple of times before it was pulled due to complaints from wowsers.

  • harry

    the guy who cops it in the ads is Harry. His real name is Kieran Darcy-Smith. Great actor. You can see him in Two Hands, Oz movie.

  • john

    If we call hassle XXXX enough they could put all their great ads on a dvd and give them away with the beer. Johnno

  • hayley

    Does anyone know if the XXXX ad with the guy that turns into a fly and travels across the land to drink his beer is anywhere online?? I think it was created in the mid 90’s…

    • Keith

      Did you manage to find out if the adverts for xxxx where the guy turns into a fly is anywhere online?

  • phil

    looking for your Joey& Snowy advert. I can see the pub from here where Joey was stuck in the top of the tree and Snowey was looking for Joey think it was a great ad would like to see it again

    • Gavin

      I’ve been trying to track that particular ad down for years too.
      From memory a snake lunges at the horse, causing it to buck and the rider is thrown over the cliff. The rider then starts shouting “ned, ned”.
      “I’m coming, Snowie”, shouts Ned as he tumbles down the cliff to save him – only to find him stuck up a tree.
      What is it?
      I can see the pub from here!
      Absolutely vintage but I can’t trace.
      If anyone can send me a link to it I’d be really grateful.

  • hook

    mateni love 2 have a beer with jacko, i love 2 have a beer with jack.

  • Kerry

    Just wanted to say I love the xxxx ads shot on Hinchinbrook Island. My husband was the head chef there at the time and had a blast with the cast and crew! Great bunch of blokes!
    I’d love the original “I can feel a xxxx coming on” tune as my ring tone. Any ideas where I can find it?

  • Nick

    Guys I too would love I Can feel a XXXX coming on as my ring tone. I asked XXXX if they have it and they have said its copyright. But if anyone knows how please email me.

  • Lozza

    Is Marlin REAL in the Hot Tub , or a good prop.I’d be leaping about in the hot tub with those babes if I were real,
    look forward to replys,

  • Andrew Fulton

    Have always enjoyed the XXXX adverts, these got me drinking, sorry i ment thinking!!

    Looking for the advert of the overloaded pick-up, stacked with beer, then a request for a bottle of sherry for the ladies. On failure of the read axle the comment is made…’think we over did it on the sherry…’

    please help.


  • MrsGiz

    anyone know where i can view castlemaine XXXX ad ‘Snowy I Can See The Pub From Here’ please?

  • Tania Cullimore

    Hi, my dad was in in one of the very first XXXX commercials, somewhere during the time of 1977- 1983. long ago I know. He was tragically killed not long after filming and it was taken off air. I was 12 at the time. If anyone could help me out here, it would be most appreciated. It was footy related ad trainings etc, with the classic finale of going to the bar after a hard training…”I can feel a XXXX coming on” was the infamous jingle.

    PLEASE,PLEASE, if anyone could help me out.

  • Peter

    Hi all,
    I am looking for a copy of a XXXX ad made approx 1980 – 82 at the Overlander Hotel in Mt Isa and having a Rodeo theme. A friend of mine played the part of one of the barmaids. I would like to surprise her with a copy of it. Thanks guys.

  • Dave

    Great adds, but they were early 90s. In fact, they came out 91-92. As an Aussie in the UK, I was nicknamed ‘Snowy’ after one of the adds.

  • swampyro

    This is great, just stumbled on it, searching everywhere for a picture of the trawler/boat ad done on the island, 2005? can’t find it anywhere, it’s a spitting image of our trawler that sank, no insurance and not many photos either, hope l can see it here somewhere in those ad links, great little page this.,
    l hear we have Anna Bligh to thank for banning alcohol adverts here in Qld, no wonder l can’t find any pictures.

  • swampyro

    no l can’t see it here either, oh well, if you know where it is thanks

  • Morgan

    hi, im looking for a XXXX ad. it goes something along the lines of…there are two men sitting on the porch one is covered in insect bites, and one says, this insect repellent you got me is no good, the other says, insect repellent?oh i thought you said jam!im pretty sure it was a XXXX advert. can anyone help me!?thanks

  • Sonny Crockett

    Hi all, have been searching for the xxxx lite bitter ad series with the elephant and his friend, maybe early to mid 80’s. Just want to show my now adult children what great ads were all about.

    • dave

      hi im looking for some thing of the same….
      looking for the poster of the elephant surfing… how have you gone on your search…..

      • Chris

        I actually have a copy of that poster and was looking at selling it as I am moving house. If interested I can supply a photo, my email address is

    • Chris

      Hi I have a copy of the elephant surfing poster and I am looking to sell it. If interested please contact me on

  • Does anybody remember the one with the spider in the ‘dunny’ where the guy goes to the loo and the spider is sat there looking at him? One of the guys back at the pub says something like ‘Oh, he’s in the dunny mate’ and then the camera pans ioutside to the toilet where the guy opens the wooden door and sees the spider. I’m sure it was a Castlemaine XXXX advert, from the early 90s, and it was so funny. The spider was so cute lol! Can’t find it anywhere though!

    • kevin

      here it is..its carling black label

  • Bob P

    Hi All. I’m looking for an ad where a young lad is on a train; he said he was off to (town name) for a fantastic job interview, but the ticket collector said, that the train doe’s not stop there on Thursdays. I will ask the driver to slow down and I will hang you out the door, I will leave you to guest the rest. When I first saw this ad I laughed so much I cried and cried.

  • Dave


    Wondering if anyone ever found the series of adverts where the Castlemaine XXXX drinker turns into a fly.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Scott

    Dose anyone know where I can get the ringtone that has the xxxx tune with the words “ya phones ringing mate” I think it is David Boon talking.
    If anyone can help me please email


  • Richard Powell

    Had XXXX the first time when we visited Scotland and could not get enough. Can I get the same product here in the States?

  • dave

    can any one help me with finding an old poster of the elephant surfing

  • sunset

    To a few posters above looking for the series of ads where a guy is driving a bike through the desert that has several varities, been looking for it myself forever! managed to find 2 so far in this youtube video

    the series was called fresh as castlemaine 4x, was created by sachi and sachi in 1996, it premired during itvs demolition man film in fall 1996, where the entire series was shown in the ad break (3 different ones in each ad break)

    Would love if anyone knows where to find more/all the set!

  • Opi

    I’m looking for a xxxx ad from the early 90’s, all i remember is it’s a group of 40-50 years old blokes about 6 of them, sitting around an outdoor bbq table. I’ve looked on you tube and cant seem to find it, anyone know what one I’m talking about.

  • Julie

    Hi I have available for sale 3 elephant surfing “crack a tube” posters and 3 elephant posters on the footy field ” Mammoth”and 3 elephant posters “the forward packyderm”. All in excellent condition and have been stored flat in a non smoking home. Contact me on for more information.