Castlemaine XXXX Beer TV Ads

In honour of Queensland’s efforts in the State of Origin Rugby League match against New South Wales, here’s a post on Castlemaine XXXX. I work just down the road from the Castlemaine brewery in Milton, Brisbane. Fourex Bitter is a full strength (4.8 %) well hopped lager, launched in 1878. Fourex Gold is a mid strength (3.5 %) lager, brought out in 1991 in response to drink driving concerns. Fourex Light Bitter is 2.3 % alcohol. They’re all owned by Lion Nathan.

XXXX Parched

Jacko is one of the stars of Castlemaine’s advertising campaign, which recently included a set of ads based around Jacko’s fishing trip. The series begins with Jacko’s mates taking a look at his Toyota Landcruiser. The clincher is the beer fridge in the back. “Good as gold mate”. Jacko’s House (Golden Retriever) and Jacko’s Ark and Jacko’s Island are available to view online at BMF Advertising, under Lion Nathan in the work section. “If that’s a golden retriever I’ll dog paddle nude to Cairns”, says Macca. “Good as gold, Macca!”

“Parched”, directed by Matt Murphy for BMF and produced at Fin Design, shows a twister bursting up the main street of a town and smashing its way through the entrance of the local pub. It stops in front of the bartender, who holds up a XXXX Bitter that gets sucked into the twister. The storm transforms into a man drinking the beer. The ad’s aimed at 18-29 year old blokes.

There’s an early XXXX ad called “Castlemaine Princess” floating around as well. It features a naive young woman skipping through the countryside talking to the animals and birds. She finds a frog, kisses it hoping for a prince. What she gets is an Australian sheep shearer. It’s his turn for a wish. She turns into a bottle of Fourex Gold!

Click on the image below to play the Princess video.

Fourex makes an appearance in Terry Pratchett’s light hearted fantasy, The Last Continent, set in the land of “EcksEcksEcksEcks”