Escape to Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse have associated themselves with the antics of a runaway cellphone (or mobile phone) called Mowbli. Ed Byrne provides the voice over:

“In the beginning all phones start out equal. But the lucky ones come from the Carphone Warehouse.” That’s the mesage we receive in the Mowbli campaign. The first ad takes us to a dreary factory churning out mobile phones – all the same except for one lit up character. In the fashion of I Robot, this phone makes a run for it when he realises he might miss the shipment to the Carphone Warehouse. Despite his break through the factory he does miss the truck. Ah… but there’s a dog. “Follow that truck” he must have said. Eventually he catches up, the truck stops and all is happy. The final voiceover: “The Carphone Warehouse. Our phones have happier lives.”

Mowbli in Carphone Warehouse Escape TV Ad

Sounds a bit like the ad for cheese from happy cows from California.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Carphone Warehouse (UK) feature two adventures of Mowbli on their site: Escape from the Factory.


Mowbli on chain escaping in Carphone Warehouse Escape TV Ad

The Escape to Carphone Warehouse campaign was developed at Clemmow Hornby Inge, London.

Filming was shot by directors Zak and Dan via Stink, London, with producer Olivia Hirschberg and director of photography Jan Velicky.

Post production was done at Passion Pictures, by CGI director Russell Brook and team. CGI matte paintings, 2D and TK were produced at The Moving Picture Company, London, under the oversight of producer Andy Bell. The film was cut by Kate Owen at Marshall Street Editors, Soho.

The soundtrack was especially composed by Gordan Halaykievich, in London. Thanks to Gordan for the YouTube video.

  • Muso

    Love the music in this add, it’s Danny Elfman meets Mozart (Twinkle litle star). Very fresh and original. Who’s this Halaykievic guy? Has he done anything else?

  • steven hosszu

    one of the best ads on tv great animation, story line, and most of all the music! … well thats because im the violinist who played on it! gordan is one of the best composers out there he is always a joy to work with. also got to take my hat off to zach and dan well done guys!

  • steven hosszu

    ps if anyone looking for a violinist here is my email!

  • Cestra

    On the new advert what is the song for it? I’ve heard it before but I’m damned if I know where from!!!!

  • Kill Bill

    If you meant the one with a whistle I think It’s a track from the Kill Bill movie. I’m not sure that track really works well with that advert tho…

  • Happy man

    what the song that goes: ‘space travel’s in my blood, there aint nothin i can do about it…’

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me im desperate!!

  • Superduper

    you are desperate!! there you go hope that helps

  • igor

    but still the slogan is abusive:”Our phones have happier lives”, do they take us for idiots, do we spouse to care about the phone’s happiness, this is not a friend or smth.,

  • Me

    I never stopped missing you Steven!And I never shall.after losing you I never recovered.