Canon Digital Photography in Rodeo

Canon promoted its digital camera Dig!c technology here in Australia in April this year with “Rodeo”. The ad certainly caught my eye. I immediately wanted to know how they managed to film what appeared to be a rodeo in Lego World. Could you imagine a world without detail? The DiG!C ad, filmed and produced in Australia, features a rodeo scene in which all the characters are flat and lifeless until a picture is taken. Then the picture is transformed into a world full of detail with rich colour, contrast and sharpness. As the camera pulls back further it is revealed the image has been captured on the LCD of a Canon IXUS 40 digital still camera.

Canon Rodeo commercial

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The Canon Digital Photography Rodeo ad was developed at Leo Burnett Australia by creative director Glen Ryan, John Kane, Derek Green, Luke Crethar and Matt Smith, and agency Producer was Brenden Johnson.

Filming was directed by Gary Freedman and Jonathan Kneebone co-founders of The Glue Society, via Radical Media, with director of photography Keith Wagstaff.

Post Production was done by The LaB, Sydney, by producer Tina Braham, inferno artist Matthew Unwin, 3D Animators Alex Goodwin (lead animator) and Kevin Blom (dust efx), matt painter Thomas Kaiser.

The LaB’s page gives us the details on how they worked with the other teams to combine live footage, boxolated costumes, 3D animation and digital effects. A rainy day in the middle of the shoot affected the dusty feel of the film. Enter the dust efx and matte painter!

The resized sequence was cut together ending with a camera flash to the live action still. The live action still of the real people that appears at the end of the spot was shot in poor weather conditions and was therefore retouched by Thomas Kaiser our matte painter to appear sunny and adding a bull from the previous days shoot produced an excellent dusty rodeo moment.”

Editor for the Canon Dig!c Rodeo ad was freelancer Jack Hutchings.

Music for the ad was composed specially by Hylton Mowday and performed on a ukelele. Hylton has moved to Australia from South Africa and is known for his music in Energiser Freeway, Konica Chopsticks, Hahn Light Beanbomb, Sony PS2 Dog’s Life and My Manifesto.

Canon Rodeo commercial

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great ad. Any idea what the title and artist is for the music?

  • The music for the ad was composed by Hylton Mowday and performed on a ukelele. I’ve added some more detail in the post.

  • Anonymous

    Is there more to the music on this ad? It is great. How can one get a copy of this recording?

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  • dude, I dream of being a photographer