Bud Light Sleigh Ride Ruined

Bud Light’s 2004 TV ad, ‘Sleigh Ride’, is still popular for web users, especially right now with Christmas approaching. We open with a moonlit snow-covered forest with a horse-drawn sleigh in the background. The camera zooms into a couple sitting in the sleigh. “This is so romantic”, the air-muffed woman says. He says, “Well it’s about to get more romantic”. He reaches down and produces a lit candle. “And a little Bud Light”, he says. As he reaches down again the horse whinnies, lifts its tail and lets off a fart. The gas is ignited by the candle and whooshes toward the woman. “Do you smell barbecue?”, the guy says as he sits up with the Bud Light. Voiceover: “Fresh, smooth, real. Bud Light”.

Bud Light Horse Fart Explosion

The ad finishes with another couple walking past. “Cool – a rocket sleigh!”, the guy says over the sound of a horse whinny. “It’s all here”, the final voiceover. Click on the image below to play the video.


‘Sleigh Ride’ was created for Anheuser-Busch by DDB Chicago whose creative team included Mark Gross, Bart Culbertson and Brad Morgan.

The ad was directed by Chris Hooper at Bob Industries, and edited by David Baxter at Panic & Bob.

Visual effects were developed at AXYZ.

Music was composed and mixed at Scandal Music.