Bud Light Fridge Is Scary

Bud Light features in ‘Fridge’, an advertisement in which two football-watching beer drinkers find an ingenious route to their neighbor’s stash of Bud Light. A guy’s watching the TV and eating potato crisps. His flat mate’s got his head stuck in the kitchen cupboard. “Pliers” he calls out. The TV watcher hands the pliers over without losing eye contact with the TV. Do you have the screwdriver too? We now get a close up of the guy’s behind sticking out of the cupboard. And now we’re in the cupboard with a close up on the face of the ‘plumber’. “I’m in”. The camera takes us to a side shot as the plumber crawls between walls.

Face appears in Bud Light Scary Fridge Ad

In the apartment next door a woman comes to open her fridge door. Point of view goes to inside the fridge looking out. The woman looks in and screams. Now we see the chap’s startled face beside a six pack of Bud Light. The woman’s husband gets up from the table and walks over to the fridge. He opens the door and screams as he realises that the six pack box is empty. The voiceover says, “For the great taste that won’t fill you up and never let you down, make it a Bud Light”. The ad finishes with our two entrepreneurs watching the TV, drinking a Bud Light. Click on the image below to play the video.


The spot was developed at Downtown Partners by creative/art director Dan Pawych, copywriter James Lee and agency producer Johnny Chambers.

‘Fridge’ was directed by Australian director Paul Middleditch via Industry Films, Toronto, with director of photography Michael Wood and producer Merrie Wasson. Middleditch is now famous for the Carlton Draught Big Ad.

Editing was done by Griff Henderson of School Editing.

Sound was produced at David Fleury Music Sand/Dan Kuntz

The ad won awards a Gold at Cannes Lions in 2002 (for Alcoholic Drinks), and a bronze trophy at the London International Advertising Awards.