Britney Spears Fantasy Myth

As a follow up to her ‘Curious’ Dare campaign, Britney Spears recently launched her new Elizabeth Arden fragrance, “Fantasy”, with a TV commercial called ‘Myth’.

Nick Steele takes aim in Britney Spears Fantasy TV Ad

Britney’s dressed up as a goddess, flirting with a hunter in the forest (Nick Steele). As she threatens to leave for her world tour he pulls out his bow and ‘magic love arrow’ and shoots her in the back. She’s forced to stay with him. Of course the arrow has a suction cup on the end.

Britney’s narrative

Once upon a time there was a goddess and a hunter.
She was beautiful and he couldn’t help himself.
There wasn’t a single part of her that he didn’t want to touch.
She was leaving soon on a goddess world tour
So he did something crazy and they lived happily ever after.
Fantasy… everybody has one.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Britney Spears watches Nick Steele in Fantasy TV AdThe ad for the Elizabeth Arden fragrance ‘Fantasy’ was released online at AOL Music in September, a day before the MTV release. It is available online at the micro site,, along with instalments of a podcast fantasy journal.

The ad was created by the team at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners including art director Nancy King, copywriter Jean Weisman and agency producers Brian Coate and Hilary Bradley.

Billy Woodruff, director of several of Britney’s music videos, worked with Radical Media producer Chris Rouchard and director of photography Paul Laufer.

Visual Effects were produced by Aaron Kisner and team at Method Studios.

Other contributors included Spot Welders editor Robert Duffy, Company 3 Colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld and Eleven Sound audio mixer Jeff Payne.

And the perfume? Britney says it was created with all kinds of enchanting scents and flavours like lush red lychee, golden quince, sensual woods and exotic kiwi, even with a hint of cupcakes, white chocolate and jasmine.

Britney Spears Curious

The first ad, ‘Curious’, directed by Dave Meyers features Britney lingering by the wall of a hotel room, fantasizing about the man next door, Eric Winters. ‘Curious’ is aimed at the 16 – 24-year old market and was launched in September 2004. Click on the image below to play the video.

According to the Elizabeth Arden deal with Britney Spears, there will be another two fragrances developed over the next few years.