BMF Christmas Greeting from Sam Kekovich

Sam Kekovich is back with a message from Sydney advertising agency BMF to clients. Sitting at the same desk as his previous ads for lamb, but this time wearing a BMF Santa hat, Sam Kekovich launches straight into his tirade about the state of advertising in Australia. The music to Jingle Bells comes on with the snow-topped BMF logo – wishing us clients a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Sam Kekovich Christmas Greeting

“There’s nothing worse than bad advertising. I should know. I’ve been watching it all my life. And I’m sickened by the creeping tide of crappy ads bombarding us from every direction. For example, retail billionaires flogging furniture and electricals backed by inane jingles. Singing families in breakfast cereal commercials. And if I see another woman in orgasmic rapture about the quality of her herbal shampoo I’ll do my block. Frankly bad ads are unAustralian. It’s time clients realised you don’t have to make ads dull enough to sedate hyperactive Australian Idol contestants to sell your products. Good ads are even better. Take my lamb ad. It won loads of awards and sold shit loads of lamb. The research driven penny pinching logo-loving CEOs out there may disagree with me but they can get stuffed. They know their way to the airport and if they don’t they can just ask their chauffeur. So the message is clear. Even for conceptually challenged clients. Increase the size of your budget. Decrease the size of your logos. Make better ads and make sure you put me in them. Ask BMF for my number. And have a merry Christmas. You know it makes sense. I’m Sam Kekovich.”

Slammin’ Sam Kekovich is an Australian media personality and former Australian Football League player. He’s well known for his rants on the ABC breakfast show, “The Fat”. All his rants finish with the phrases, “You know it makes sense. I’m Sam Kekovich.” See my earlier post from January 2005 on Sam Kekovich’s controversial Australia Day lamb TV commercial.

BMF is the agency behind campaigns for Castlemaine’s XXXX Gold, Tooheys Extra Dry, Blackmores, Coon and IKEA.

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