Bigpond Beach Holiday in St Martin

Having spent a couple of nights staying near the beach this last week it would be just right to post on the Telstra Bigpond ‘Holiday’ television commercial for internet access. A young Australian home movie maker pans over the Carribean beach, “How good is this? Hotel right on the beach. Hey Mum! (Wife waves) Can’t believe how cheap we got that! (A jet flies over the beach and on to the runway next door). Look out! (The young daughter runs screaming to her mother, sand flying everywhere.) You’re all right! Hands over her eyes! Cover her eyes! Cover here eyes! The text: “Research holidays properly. Big Trip? BigPond. What are you looking for?”

Plane flies over beach for Bigpond Beach Holiday TV Ad

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Belgiovane Williams Mackay (BWM) is the Australian advertising agency responsible for the creation of Bigpond Holiday. Rob Belgiovane, executive director, worked with creative directors Adam Hunt and Mike Boswell, art director Kevin MacNamara, and copywriter Dean Hamilton.

The 30 second ad was directed by Ben Lawrence and produced by Emma Lawrence at Australian film production company, Caravan Pictures with director of photography John Platt.

The ad was filmed in the island of Sint Maarten (Dutch)/St Martin (French) in the Carribean. There really are hotels right next to the airport – the ideal spot for aviation enthusiasts, as is shown on the SMX page of Scott and Cathy’s aviation site. You can visit Princess Juliana International Airport at its website. If you’re interested in a holiday in St Maarten, first check out the St Maarten Official Web Portal and

Editing was done by Phillip Horn at Frame Set & Match, Northbridge, Australia.

Bigpond “Holiday” has earned recognition around the world:

  • One of three Advertising Excellence/International awards at 2005 AICP Show, held by the USA based Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP). The ad subsequently became part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • A Bronze award at the Asia Pacific Adfest 2005.
  • Andy

    Sorry, I’m late on this one, but just doing some research on Bigpond and came across your post. Can’t believe it!! in March 2003 I made almost exactly the same ad for Ask Jeeves in the UK. Tagline – “Searching for a holiday? Should’ve Asked Jeeves”.

    So we were definitely first…but copy or coincidence?

  • Who were you working with Andy? Have you got a copy of the spot online anywhere?

  • jack

    hi there, could you please e-mail me the name of the song and who sings it in the telstra add,,
    “IVE BEEN EVERYWHERE MAN …” when there in the combi van

    thank you

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    hi there, could you please e-mail me the name of the song and who sings it in the telstra add