Toyota Hilux Bulls

HalfPie, a fellow Kiwi blogger, has referred me to the Toyota Hilux Ad showing in NZ just now. He’s provided a couple of posts with some great analysis: “Out of the Way Sheep Shagger” and “Scandal on the Farm”. Take a look at the ad and then consider HalfPie’s question: “Given the rather Australian sounding voices of the bulls, does the scene in which they tell the ram to “Get out of the way, sheep-shagger!” actually become a political statement on relationships between Aussies and Kiwis?”

Beefier Hilux TV Ad shot from Toyota web site

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


I’ve posted more detail on this ad on The Inspiration Room“, October 15.

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  • Maeandertaler

    Hi i have only been living for a year in New Zealand (Christchruch) in 2001 but i can tell you that i expect at least a respectable strike against that aussie assult from my second favourite country in the world (I’m calling lovely the green hell)!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen this ad once before, would love to see it again but unfortunately, I can’t open it from the link provided, any ideas?

  • sixto


  • jack luck


  • hi, im looking for the names of those who do the voixces on that advert, so far i know that frank whitten does the voice of the bull in the pasenger seat, but who does the voices for the other bull and the cows?
    if you know you can contact me through my website/blog