DB Pub in Heaven

As it is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand I thought it appropriate to feature a TV advert that refers to Gallipoli. And the one I found is DB Heaven, directed by Peter Burger in 2002 for Generator Bates and Silverscreen, advertising DB Draught. The spot depicts a hotel, ostensibly in heaven, with the words “Patron Saints of Beer Drinkers” written over the bar door. Three of the ‘patrons’, variously dressed, one in an ANZAC uniform and another in a rugby jersey with the letters NZ over the pocket are enjoying a beer and seemingly sitting in judgment on beer drinkers on earth. They watch three different scenarios, all of which include a man buying a beer and describing his day.

Patron Saints of Beer Drinkers

A rugby player who carries five tacklers along the field before passing on the ball deserves a DB. A truck driver who stops a fire by dumping his load of earth on it deserves a DB. A suit-wearing work-dodger that spends the day in the toilet with the newspaper, does not deserve a DB. The first two men drink the beer after the ‘patrons’ sitting in judgment approve the description and reality of their day’s work, but the third who has exaggerated his day, loses his beer when the ‘patrons’ unanimously disapprove of his dishonesty and deception. The beer drops to the floor and the young man is left holding only the handle. The final frame – “Earned” under the DB Draught Beer logo.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The ad attracted a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority of NZ – complaining that Dominion Breweries was implying that this beer was a reward for hard work.

The ANZAC Veteran

So what of the role of the ANZAC veteran? He’s the strong and silent type. He says one word in the whole ad, “Yep”. But he’s the guy who pushes the button on the early version television, providing us with the flash backs and, finally pushes the button that takes the handle of the slacker’s glass.