Ampd Mobile Senator and Rock Star

Amp’d Mobile is a new wireless carrier aimed at 18 to 35 year olds in the United States, beginning a ‘soft launch’ on December 15. The new company is using Verizon‘s EvDO network, available in select US cities, to provide video on demand, music downloads, live event coverage and wireless 3D games – all at broadband speed. In November Amp’d announced that they’d become the wireless partner for, a viral video web site. To get themselves noticed in the target market Amp’d Mobile have used a campaign of TV spots encouraging people to stay alive long enough for the launch. The ads are linked with print and ‘guerrilla’ advertising, and a micro site of short video clips in SWF format. (NOTE: Ampd filed for bankruptcy in June 2007 and discontinued service in July 2007.)

Ampd Mobile Senator


A man in a suit lies dead on the bed in a cheap hotel room. On top of him is a woman dressed in panties and bra, desperately trying to revive him. As she thumps his chest she yells at him:
“Senator, Senator….oh no you don’t, you can’t go, you can’t leave, if you leave you’ll miss this new phone, it has an MP-3 player, 3-D video games and really cool graphics, come on, come on damn it!” Then the screen reads “Try not to die. Amp’d Mobile is coming.”


A hotel cleaner walks into a hotel room and discovers a shirtless rock star on the floor, perhaps in a drugs-induced coma. She takes his hand and yells at him in Spanish, “What have you done? You are such a fool. Why risk your life? A new phone is coming out that plays MP3s, video games, and video clips. Look at you now. Are you listening to me?” Once again the screen reads “Try not to die. Amp’d Mobile is coming.”


Ampd Mobile Phone

The ads were developed by Taxi, New York, under the eye of chief creative officer Paul Lavoie, creative director/copywriter Dan Morales, art directors Paul Caiozzo and Brandon Mugar, copywriter Nathan Frank, executive producer Nick Felder, account manager Heather Doutt, group account supervisor Rich Muhlstock.

Filming was shot by director Tom Kuntz via MJZ with line producer Scott Kaplan and director of photography Bryan Newman.

Editor was Dave Koza at MacKenzie Cutler with assistant editor Mona Salma and executive producer Melissa Miller.


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