AOL Instant Messenger Mail in blogging fantasies

hellotokyo94 and DayDreamer933 are the first two blogging fantasies to be shot on film for America Online’s AIM Mail. HelloTokyo94, a 66 second tragedy screened at, features two pieces of sushi flirting with one another before one of them is nabbed by chopsticks, dipped in sauce and eaten.

Screenshot from AIM Mail page

Click on the image below to play the video.

DayDreamer933, originally screened at, features a receptionist fantasizing about two midget wrestlers coming out of the lifts to tickle her.

The mini sites are designed to take viewers through to AIM Fun, an introduction to AOL’s web mail service, AIM Mail. Here we’re introduced to ‘featured AIM Blogs’, the blogs of a few AIM users who might be out there: hellotokyo94, Daydreamer933, BigHairGurl84, PrettyVacant834, Llamalover867, BallerzBall65 and Geekazoid0101.


The AIM campaign was developed at ATTIK, San Francisco, by creative director/art director Wayne Hanson and copywriter Ariel Lustig, account director William Wayland.

Filming was shot by directing team Ramon & Pedro via Partizan, with director of photography Giles Dunning and production designer Vincent Reynaud.

Post Production was done at Umlaut Films, San Francisco, by producers Gina LoCurcio and Heather Gibbons. Editor was Ed Feldman with assistant editor Christian Kinnard. Post production at Spy Post was done by colorist Chris Martin and Flame artist Darren Orr.

Sound was designed by Nathan Petty and mixed by Joaby Deal at One Union Recording.