Air New Zealand TV ads featuring Peter Fitzsimons

Air New Zealand relaunched its television advertising in Australia in 2004 with “Everything You Love”, a set of tongue in cheek commercials featuring former Australian rugby player, Peter FitzSimons. From a variety of New Zealand locations Fitzsimons complains about the Kiwis. Read on for the video and the script from the 60 second version of the television commercial.

Peter Fitzsimmons in Air New Zealand TV Ad

New Zealand. Show me one good thing about it, I’ll support the All Blacks. Take Queenstown for instance. Sure it’s postcard pretty but does anything ever happen here? (Shotover jet races past). They go on and on and on about spectacular views but there’s always these mountains in the way. (Skiiers negotiate the snowy slopes of NZ). And they rave about the food. Yep. It’s all happening here. The exchange rate makes shopping as cheap as chups. (Reference to NZ accent) But that just means you buy more. And they say the Kiwis are a really friendly bunch. But I haven’t noticed. (FitzSimons, dressed in yellow, stands in an Auckland bar full of All Black supporters). If you ask me the best about New Zealand, it’s the flight home. (In an Air New Zealand plane Fitzsimons is approached by a steward who says “Your hat and scarf sir”. Peter walks off the plane wearing an All Black hat and scarf.

Peter Fitzsimmons in Air New Zealand TV Ad

Peter FitzSimons is now a writer (war, sport and biographies) and a columnist with the Sydney Morning Herald.


The Everything You Love campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by creative team Danny Searle and Scott Walker.

Filming was shot by James Holt via Luscious International with director of photography Russell Boyd and producer Susie Douglas.