Ace Hardware helps Dads

Another Father and Son ad comes from Ace Hardware, courtesy of Goodby Silverstein and Partners. The ad begins with a boy and a man playing basketball on a driveway. All of a sudden the roller door of the garage opens and a second man, covered in paint, emerges to ask the basketball-player, “Who are you?” The player’s response: “Brad, from the Sons Without Dads Organization.” The kids sneaks out of the picture. But the truth is out. Apparently, Dad has been too busy with projects to spend time with his kid. At this point we cut into another guy in the driveway, dressed in a red vest. “Ace is the helpful place. Come in. We’ll show you how it’s done.”

Ace Hardware Morgue guy

Click on the image below to play the Ace Hardware Stand in Dad video.

“Morgue” (:30) shows a mother and son trying to identify a corpse as the family’s father. Mom tells the medical examiner to turn him over so they can compare the body to a photo of her husband—he’s working under the sink with only his badkside showing. Sadly, they announce, “It’s Dad.” “Spending a little too much time on home repair?”

“Garbage Disposal” (:30) features a man installing a ceiling fan in his kitchen. He drops a screw into the garbage disposal and sticks his hand in the hole to retrieve the rivet. His wife enters the room, notices the new fan and heads for the switch to test her husband’s installation skills. The man—with his hand still in the hole—suddenly realizes that he could have wired the fan to the switch for the disposal. The switch is flipped and the ad cuts to a strange man outside the house who says, “How sure are you about your wiring skills?” He then suggests heading to Ace Hardware, “the helpful place.”
In the :30 “Mowing the Dirt,” a man mows his yard which consists of dirt and rocks. “Need help with lawn care?”

The :15 “Charade” features a group of people playing the game, as a woman flaps her arms like a chicken. One of her male friends blurts out, “Broken sprinkler timer valve?” “Obsessing on home repair projects?”


The Basketball Dad commercial was developed at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, by creative director/art director Dave Gray, copywriter Chris Ford, art director Steve Yee, copywriter Dan Rollman, agency producer Cathy Carolan, account supervisor Marty Wenzell, executive producer Debbie King.

Filming was shot by director Jim Jenkins via Hungry Man, Los Angeles, with director of photography John Lindley and producer Kevin Byrne.

Post production was done at Bob ‘n’ Sheila’s Edit World, San Francisco, by editor Bob Spector, assistant editor Doug Brown, executive producer Gina LoCurcio, producer Saima Awan, online editor/Flame artist Jimi Simmons, Flame assistant Eugene Libadia, and at Bobine Video, Los Angeles, by colorist Jais Thierry Lamaire.

Sound was designed at Machine Head, Los Angeles, by sound designers Stephen Dewey and Chris Simpson. Audio post production was done at Eleven Sound, Los Angeles, by mixer Jeff Payne. Music was composed by Jonathan Elias at Elias Arts.