Whiskas Cat and Mouse Bungee

Whiskas caught the attention of Australians in 2002 with two television advertising campaigns focused on a bungee jumping mouse and a focused cat.

Mouse bungee in Whiskas Catfood TV Ad

A squeaking mouse jumps from the top of a window frame, hanging on to the cord of a blind. He dangles in front of a cat eating Whiskas, shaking his feet in the cat’s water bowl. He disappears up again. “Whiskas Vita Bites. Crunchy on the outside and deliciously tender inside”. The mouse lands in the water bowl again. This time the cat is prepared for action, moving the water bowl so that the mouse’s next landing is nohwere near as soft. Despite the offer of a stunned mouse, the cat goes back to the Whiskas Vita Bites. “There’s nothing cats would rather eat”.

Click on the image below to play the Bungee video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Whiskas Bungee was developed by advertising agency D’Arcy Melbourne – which soon after disappeared after being purchased by Publicis. Agency Producer Cinnamon Darvall is now a producer with The Pound. Art Director Linda Honan and copywriter Hilary Badger are now creatives with Clemenger BBDO.

Filming was shot by director Phil Meatchem via Film Graphics with executive producer Jo Jordan.

Visual effects were developed at Animal Logic by executive producer Jacqui Newman, line producer Sarah Hiddlestone, 3D VFX Supervisor Luke Hetherington, technical director Clinton Downs, 3D Animators Michael Mellor, Nathan Stone, Will Reichelt, Al Ferguson, and Paul Braddock, designer Jane Milledge, compositors Maryanne Lauric (‘Bungee’) and Stefan Coory (‘Bagpipes’).

  • Phil Campbell

    Looking for the font in the tagline at the end of this advert – “there’s nothing cats would rather eat…”

  • Iris Inglis

    We got a box of Whiskas Protein Plus that my cats and all the feral cats I feed just love. I cannot find it in any of the local stores. Where is it available? I live in Arizona and many of my friends that also feed a large number of cats cannot find this wonderful dry food. Can someone help us?

    Thank you